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Arvada Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Statistics on motorcycle accidents in Colorado show an increase in both the number of motorcycles owned and the number of motorcycle accidents. This could mean that serious injuries and fatalities from motorcycle crashes are becoming increasingly more common.

If you have been injured in an accident that was the result of another motorist’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact an Arvada motorcycle accident lawyer to discuss the details of your case. A seasoned personal injury lawyer could gather evidence to establish the other party’s fault and help pursue compensation for the damages you suffered.

Typical Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents may cause serious injuries and even fatalities because of the lack of structural protection available to motorcycle riders. The size and weight of other vehicles also may be a factor in causing significant damages. Common injuries in motorcycle accident cases include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Injuries to the spinal column
  • Road rash or abrasions caused by contact with the road
  • Broken bones

These injuries can have lifelong effects on the victim and, if negligence caused the harm, an accident victim should be justly compensated. Injured motorcyclists can receive compensation for medical bills, wages lost due to the injury, long-term rehabilitation, and pain and suffering. Injured individuals should reach out to an experienced Arvada motorcycle accident lawyer to see how a legal professional could help them recover damages.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Though there is a perception that motorcyclists are unsafe drivers, accidents can result from the negligence of other drivers as well. Common causes of motorcycle accidents and injuries in Arvada include:

  • Poorly manufactured safety equipment
  • Unsafe road conditions
  • Unsafe weather conditions
  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk or impaired driving
  • Reckless driving

The evidence or facts in a case can determine who is liable for the damages suffered by the injured motorcyclist. While the motorcyclist may be responsible or partially responsible in some cases, responsible parties can include other drivers, safety equipment manufacturers, and even the government entity responsible for maintaining the roadways.

Arvada motorcycle accident attorneys with experience in accident investigations could help defendants by collecting photographs and videos of the accident scene, documenting the road and weather conditions, researching product defects applicable to the case, interviewing eyewitnesses, and more.

How Fault Affects Compensation

The amount of negligence, or fault, assigned to each party in a motorcycle accident case can have a significant impact on the amount of compensation that can be recovered by the injured party. In order to receive compensation at all, the injured person must be less than 50 percent responsible for the accident. In other words, the majority of the fault must be assigned to the other driver, otherwise, the injured party may be barred from receiving compensation.

Additionally, the percentage of fault that is assigned to the injured person will be taken out of the total compensation they are awarded. For example, if a person is 10 percent responsible for the accident and their damages are valued at $250,000, the total they may be awarded is also reduced by 10 percent. They can then recover a maximum of $225,000.

Fault can be determined by assessing any violations of traffic law that were committed by either driver as well as any admissions of guilt made to police officers at the scene. Violations can include drunk driving, texting while driving, swerving in and out of lanes, and similar reckless behavior. An accomplished attorney could assist with establishing fault so that the injured party can collect the compensation they deserve.

How an Arvada Motorcycle Accident Attorney Could Help

Motorcycle accidents happen for many reasons, but if an accident occurred because of someone else’s carelessness, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Speaking with an experienced Arvada motorcycle accident attorney could strengthen your claim to compensation.

An attorney may be able to gather evidence of the defendant’s negligence, document all the damages you have suffered, negotiate with opposing attorneys, and present a thorough case to the court. Contact an Arvada motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as you can to begin building your case.

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