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Evidence in Aurora Spinal Cord Injury Cases 

Before contacting anyone, someone who has sustained a spinal cord injury should immediately head to the nearest emergency room. Once they have received treatment for their injury, the injured party or someone close to the injured party should contact an attorney. Evidence in Aurora spinal cord injury cases is essential to maintain early on. It is definitely in their best interest to contact a qualified personal injury attorney because evidence can be lost pretty quickly, and sometimes it happens intentionally. A lawyer can assure that evidence is preserved and can use that evidence to try to prove liability, and get justice for you.

What Qualifies as Evidence?

Medical records are going to be the primary evidence in Aurora spinal cord injury cases that an attorney uses to prove that the injuries are related. An attorney can also have the doctor fill out an affidavit or do a special report depending on the types of injuries that happened and how it is affecting their life. They can also work with an economist and they can show that the person was making X amount of income and because of this accident, they cannot go back to that same type of job and they lose out on that income.

An attorney can also show how the injured party is going to need future care that can include someone having to take care of them on a daily basis or could just mean they have to hire someone to clean the house because they might not able to do that. 

Using Evidence to Establish Liability

For simple cases, an attorney can rely on the police report and then usually, the defendant gives a recorded statement to their insurance company. For more complicated car accidents, they can use an accident reconstructionist and look at the damage to the vehicles as well as the witness statements and that sort of thing in order to piece the accident together of how it happened. 

If it is a premise liability type accident, a lawyer would probably hire an expert to show that there is a dangerous condition that they should have done something about but did not to remediate that dangerous condition and then show how it caused the person’s accident. 

How an Attorney Collects Evidence

An attorney does pretty much everything on behalf of the injured party with regards to collecting evidence in Aurora spinal cord injury cases, so they usually just tell them to focus on recovering from their injuries as best as they can and to go to medical appointments. In order to help, an individual can provide their attorney with photos of themselves before the accident as well as after the accident if they have any physical scarring or bruises and that sort of thing. If they are in a wheelchair, that type of evidence will be excellent to show the insurance adjuster or a jury to show how much they have been affected by the accident.

An attorney can use the medical records as well as speak with the doctors. They can also work with family and friends of the person and can talk to them to see if they will be witnesses to show how the person has been impacted by the accident especially with family members if they have to help out and do daily chores for the person or feed them, take care of them. If you have sustained a spinal cord injury as the result of someone else’s negligence, contact an Aurora catastrophic injury lawyer that can fight for you.

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