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Malnutrition in Aurora Nursing Homes 

Nursing home abuse and neglect comes in numerous forms, including malnutrition and dehydration. Malnutrition in Aurora nursing homes results in various health and wellness complications that leave residents extra vulnerable to illnesses. If your older loved one in a nursing facility has not enjoyed a balanced diet since moving in, it is time to remove the individual from the residence and talk to a lawyer about your options.

Exposing malnutrition issues in nursing facilities raises awareness of a widespread problem. Work with a legal professional to determine if you have grounds for a legal claim and what the next steps are in the process.

Symptoms of Malnutrition

Also known as malnourishment, malnutrition in the elderly occurs when an older person does not receive a balanced diet featuring a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. It can also occur because they are not receiving the proper amount of food every day. Malnutrition symptoms include:

  • Mouth problems such as canker sores or thrush
  • Swollen corneas or glassy eyes
  • Flaccid muscles
  • Yellowish skin
  • Heavily wrinkled skin
  • Cognitive challenges
  • Bloated abdomen
  • Excessive weight loss

Family members who notice these symptoms in their elderly loved ones who live in Aurora assisted living facilities should consult attorneys in addition to helping the affected individuals receive the nutrients they need. Without proper nutrition, older family members can become weak, confused, and more susceptible to illness from decreased immunity. Muscle weakness from malnutrition heightens the chances of mobility problems as well as fall-related accidents and injuries. Prolonged malnutrition can eventually result in fatalities.

Causes of Malnutrition in Nursing Facilities

Lack of proper nutrition in Aurora nursing homes is typically attributed to negligence. The facility could be understaffed, which stresses current employees to increase the likelihood of fatigue. For example, one staff member could be assigned to 15 residents daily, making it less likely that each resident receives what they need.

High turnover rates exacerbate the problem, especially when many residents require nutritional monitoring and other more intensive care. Residents in nursing facilities should also be encouraged to eat and drink since older individuals can forget to feed and water themselves, or experience mouth and gut sensitivity issues that decrease their appetites.

Other health complications increasing malnutrition risks among the elderly include a diminished sense of taste and smell, abdominal pain, medications that impede nutrient absorption, chronic illnesses, and recent hospitalizations. Older loved ones with depression are also less likely to consume enough food and drink enough water every day due to disinterest.

Discuss Your Malnutrition Case with a Legal Representative Today

If a senior loved one shows signs of malnutrition after moving to an assisted living facility, take action as soon as possible. You could claim damages that help the older family member receive the nutrition necessary for many more years of good health, including medical costs connected to malnourishment, pain and suffering, mental anguish, relocation expenses, mental health counseling, long-term care costs, and similar out-of-pocket expenses.

In Aurora nursing homes, malnutrition can also turn into wrongful death lawsuits if lack of care resulted in fatalities. Help your elder family member enjoy better health by taking the first step in a legal claim today. Contact our team to learn what options are available to you and what to expect from the process moving forward. Spotlighting nursing home abuses is part of our work.

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