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Warning Signs of Nursing Home Neglect in Aurora 

After an older loved one enters an assisted living facility, you might worry whether they receive the care they need. And while plenty of centers who care for seniors keep them healthy and active, not all are created equal. There are many warning signs of nursing home neglect in Aurora to be aware of, all of which call for the loved one’s immediate removal and subsequent legal action.

A skilled attorney provides services necessary to bring a claim against a nursing home suspected of abuse. Since neglect and abuse are rarely limited to one resident, your claim could encourage other people with family in nursing facilities to investigate their loved ones’ care and make claims themselves.

Common Examples of Nursing Home Neglect Warning Signs

Nursing home neglect and abuse in Aurora facilities comes in many types, including those in the physical, emotional, and psychological realms.

Poor Hygiene

When seniors do not receive help with bathing or access to toiletries, issues such as dirty hair, body odor, dental health problems, and dirty clothing become evident. Soiled clothing and diapers also indicate lacking personal care services.

Fall-Related Injuries

Bruises, broken bones, and cuts typically signal mobility and fall-related injuries. Understaffing or negligent staff members may ignore hazards that increase the risk of falls, such as poor lighting and equipment in left hallways. They may also fail to transport residents properly, such as from wheelchairs to beds or beds to showers.

Dehydration & Malnutrition

Malnutrition and dehydration affect seniors in Aurora and around the country, causing problems such as confusion, excessively-wrinkled skin, weight loss, yellow skin, a bloated abdomen, and sunken eyes.

Changes in Behavior

Older family members who are abused by their nursing home caretakers may seem increasingly fearful, agitated, or nervous. They might cower around certain staff members or appear depressed. Unexplained irritation and disinterest in favorite activities can also signal abuse and neglect. Additionally, the loved one may seem hesitant to answer questions about the care they are currently receiving, such as “What did you eat today?”, “Are you being treated well?,” and “Are you given enough water every day?”

Financial Issues

Some nursing facility staff take advantage of patients from financial standpoints, causing them to transfer funds, sign over estate, and change their wills or trusts. Missing money and similar issues point to this type of abuse that can occur from manipulation and threats.

Other Physical Injuries

In addition to falls, elder residents in Aurora nursing centers can sustain other injuries that serve as warning signs. Bedsores, wrist bruises from restraints, burns, cuts, broken bones, bleeding, and abrasions may appear on the loved one’s person, indicating abuse such as punching, slapping, kicking, shoving, and general neglect. If the physical abuse is sexual in nature, the family member may have injuries around or on their genitals, or even sexually-transmitted diseases.

Speak With a Lawyer Today About Nursing Home Neglect

If you notice warning signs of nursing home neglect in Aurora, contact an attorney today. Older community members have a right to care that keeps them healthy, happy, and active instead of neglected. If they do not receive adequate care, you must report the issue to the state in addition to speaking with one of our capable attorneys.

Contact our law firm today to get started on your nursing home neglect case.

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