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Falls in Aurora Nursing Homes 

Older loved ones are unfortunately susceptible to fall-related accidents due to issues such as decreased mobility. Falls in Aurora nursing homes can result in serious complications, and often occur because of staff member negligence or abuse. If an elderly member of your family fell recently in their nursing facility and you suspect abuse, contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Fall injuries might not be the only problems at your loved one’s nursing home. Speaking with a lawyer can help you determine if other abuse or neglect continues to take place at the facility, resulting in a larger legal claim against the center’s owners.

Types of Injuries From Nursing Facility Falls & Risk Factors

Each year, thousands of older Americans require hospital stays after fall injuries. Once they fall, they are twice as likely to fall again. Falls can cause a variety of injuries depending on the severity of the impact and the way the individual hits the ground. Injuries include, but are not limited to:

  • Head trauma and brain injuries
  • Broken bones, such as fractured hips and broken wrists
  • Cuts and bruises
  • Back and neck pain
  • Broken jaw and teeth
  • Facial trauma

Risk factors that make fall-related injuries in Aurora nursing facilities more likely include mobility issues, weak or brittle bones from vitamin D deficiency, lack of exercise, overall body weakness, vision issues, foot pain, low-quality footwear, and medications that can cause drowsiness or affect balance.

Common Causes of Nursing Home Fall Injuries

When nursing facility residents with mobility and balance problems do not receive proper care, their risk of falling increases substantially. Lack of care can be due to understaffing, worker fatigue and stress, general negligence, or direct abuse. Falls in assisted living centers around Aurora can also occur because hazards, such as equipment left in hallways, insufficient lighting, loose rugs, raised thresholds, electrical cords, beds that are too high, low-quality wheelchairs, wet floors, and poorly-fitted wheelchairs. Residents who are not looked after despite medication-related fall risks increase their chances of injuries as well.

Some fall injuries happen due to transfer accidents. If a staff member lacks the strength or training to move a resident, such as from a wheelchair to a bed, the older individual can fall. Sometimes transfers are performed incorrectly despite proper training due to staff member fatigue, or because there are not enough people working to help move residents safely and efficiently.

Preventing Falls in Nursing & Assisted Living Facilities

Nursing homes throughout Aurora and the rest of Colorado require sufficient staffing to help avoid falls. If too many falls occur in one facility, it should undergo evaluation for risk factors, such as understaffing and too many hazards within the grounds due to poor maintenance. Residents with mobility challenges or other injury factors such as dementia require extra care to keep them from harm.

Contact an Attorney Today About Nursing Home Abuse

If you believe your loved one’s recent spill at their nursing facility could have been prevented, speak with an attorney at your earliest convenience. Legal professionals who work on cases concerning falls in Aurora nursing homes offer the experience, guidance, and counsel that helps expedite legal processes. If the nursing facility is found liable, compensation can include medical expenses, pain and suffering, scarring, and emotional anguish.

Contact our team today to learn more about nursing home abuse and neglect representation. We look forward to helping your family.

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