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Qualifying for SS Disability in Aurora

Social Security (SS) provides a social safety net for people who are left unable to work due to disease or injury. While many people pay into this program for their entire working lives through income taxes, not just anyone can claim benefits if they are left unable to work. Qualifying for SS disability in Aurora usually involves a complex combination of medical and financial examinations.

In short, a person must be so sick or injured as to not be able to work any full-time job. Also, applicants for SSDI must have worked a sufficient amount of time in the past to qualify for benefits. While Supplemental Security Income (SSI) has no prior work requirement, it does have a current resource requirement.

An experienced SSDI attorney could help you understand the qualifying criteria for SS disability in Aurora and file an initial application or appeal a previous denial.

The Medical Requirement

Both social security programs, SSI and SSDI, share the same medical requirements. To receive benefits, an applicant must have a documented medical condition that prevents them from working and which is expected to result in death, such as AIDS, aggressive forms of cancer, or conditions that leave a person in a vegetative state.

Alternatively, an applicant may have a condition that prevents them from working and has lasted or is expected to last for twelve consecutive months. Examples can include degenerative disk disease in the spine, chronic pain conditions, or even mental health concerns that leave a person unable to focus on a task for an extended period.

All applicants for Social Security in Aurora must have doctors’ records that support their claims to qualify for disability benefits. Ideally, a person seeking benefits should remain with the same doctor from diagnosis through treatment. If they do, this doctor may be able to provide their opinion as to how a condition prevents regular work and why they believe their patient is qualified for SS disability.

Financial and Work Requirements

SSI and SSDI differ when it comes to work and income requirements. For SSI, a person’s work history is irrelevant. Instead, SSI examines an applicant’s assets and family income to determine eligibility.

To qualify for SSI, an individual applicant’s disposable assets cannot exceed $2,000 in value, or $3,000 for their household. These assets can include cars, non-household real estate, and bank accounts. Additionally, there must be no household member working full-time.

Conversely, a person earns SSDI credits as they work. More specifically, applicants accumulate “quarters” of work as their careers progress.

For example, to qualify as a 46-year-old applicant, a person needs to have worked six years to gather enough “quarters” of coverage. A worker can earn four quarters for every year that they are employed. Further information about this process can be found here, and an Aurora attorney could also help people understand which SS disability program they may qualify for.

Qualifying for SS Disability in Aurora is a Complex Legal Matter

Every working person in Aurora pays taxes that fund the Social Security disability programs. However, not every person can collect these benefits. Both programs — SSI and SSDI — have unique qualifying terms that an applicant must meet.

Your application may only be successful if you are affected by a medical condition that leaves you unable to perform a full-time job and which is expected to result in death or has already lasted for at least one year. In addition, your work history and current financial situation also play significant roles in determining your eligibility to receive these benefits. Contact an attorney today to learn more about qualifying for SS disability in Aurora and take the next step forward in pursuing Social Security benefits.

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