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Liability in Colorado Springs Bus Accident Cases

Bus accidents are among some of the most severe roadway accidents. The size of a commercial bus compared to a traditional motor vehicle significantly increases the potential for injuries and damages in the event of a crash.

When you are involved in a bus accident, either as a passenger on the bus or a driver on the road, you may wonder who is responsible for your injuries. Our experienced attorneys help with determining liability in Colorado Springs bus accident cases and have the knowledge to handle your claim from start to finish, so call today.

How to Determine Liability for a Bus Crash Claim

Who is responsible for a public transportation accident in Colorado Springs will depend on numerous factors, including the events leading to the collision. The injured person must demonstrate that another person’s actions were reckless, making them legally liable for the damage.

Demonstrating negligence in a civil claim requires establishing the following elements:

  • The defendant owed the injured person a duty of care
  • The defendant violated the duty by acting carelessly
  • A direct link between the violation of that duty and the claimant’s injuries
  • The claimant has verifiable damages from the accident

As an example, a public transit driver has a legal duty to operate the vehicle with care and follow all traffic laws to avoid causing injury to others. When the driver violates that duty and causes a collision that injures one or more people, whether passengers on the bus or other involved parties, the driver could be legally liable for their damages, such as medical bills or lost wages.

Negligence can take many different forms. Inattentive or distracted driving, drunk driving, speeding, following too closely, improper lane changes, and unsafe turns are just a few examples of negligent driving behaviors that can lead to a serious bus wreck. Other catalysts such as mechanical failure, inadequate bus driver training procedures, or dangerous driving by another motorist could also cause a public transportation accident.

Liability for these accidents can extend far beyond what most people think of. The bus driver could be liable for the victim’s injuries; however, the bus company, a school district, a local government entity, the bus manufacturer, or another driver could also be legally responsible.

What to Do After a Colorado Springs Bus Collision

Anyone injured in a bus wreck should seek medical treatment as soon as possible following the accident. Not only could delaying treatment compound the person’s injuries involved, but waiting too long to get medical care could negatively impact the value of their personal injury claim.

When the plaintiff has evidence of the accident, they should also carefully preserve it so that it can be used in the claim. This evidence could include photos of their injuries, photos of the accident, medical bills, or pay stubs indicating their lost wages.

When it comes to proving liability for damages in a bus collision case, speaking with a hardworking attorney in Colorado Springs is crucial. Bear in mind that Colorado residents typically have no more than three years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit for compensation. A lawyer could quickly get to work to collect all evidence and identify who might be legally responsible for the crash.

A Colorado Springs Attorney Could Help Establish Liability in a Bus Accident Case

From communicating with the responsible individuals or entities involved to collecting case evidence to sending a demand letter to the insurance company or liable party, a lawyer could offer peace of mind and unwavering support throughout your injury claim so you can focus on your recovery.

They could also work to prove liability in Colorado Springs bus accident cases by investigating the crash and determining what went wrong. If you have questions about filing a personal injury claim after being involved in a bus accident, call our legal team to set up a consultation.

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