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School Bus Accidents in Colorado Springs

A school bus accident in Colorado Springs can wreak havoc on a child’s life, as well as their family members’ lives, depending on the extent of their injuries. Whether the accident occurred because the bus driver was negligent, the bus company did not train their drivers properly, or another driver was reckless, you or your child could be entitled to monetary damages.

Our hardworking bus crash attorneys can handle your claim so you can focus on your recovery. They could also help ensure that the right parties are held legally accountable for your damages and demand maximum compensation on your behalf.

What Are the Leading Causes of School Bus Accidents?

School bus collisions can be attributed to various factors; however, these wrecks often occur because the bus driver:

  • Operated the vehicle at excessive speeds
  • Operated the vehicle while distracted, such as talking on the phone or eating
  • Operated the vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Failed to observe traffic laws, such as stopping at a red light
  • Was not properly trained to manage or operate the vehicle

In some cases, the accident may not have anything to do with the school bus driver. For example, when the transportation vehicle has a mechanical failure. Similarly, when another motorist fails to follow traffic laws and crashes into the school bus, the driver and passengers could suffer severe injuries.

Given the many factors that could contribute to a school bus wreck in Colorado Springs, multiple individuals or entities could be legally liable for the injured person’s damages. Potentially responsible parties include the driver, another motorist, the vehicle owner, the school district, or the bus manufacturer. A reliable attorney could investigate the events that led to the school transportation accident and determine who might be liable for the damages.

Common Injuries Associated With School Bus Accidents

The force of the impact between a standard vehicle and bus can cause serious injuries to anyone involved in the wreck, whether they are children, parents or teachers riding on the bus, or other people caught in the path of the accident, such as drivers, pedestrians, or bikers. Common injuries that adults and children in Colorado Springs experience after a major school bus crash include broken or fractured bones, burns, head or neck trauma, or severe back pain.

Recoverable Compensation

After a school transportation vehicle wreck, the injured parties could be entitled to various forms of financial recovery from the accident, including the value of past and future medical bills, lost income or diminished future earning capacity, pain, suffering, or lost life enjoyment.

Contact an Attorney in Colorado Springs to Discuss a School Bus Accident Claim

The pain and losses stemming from a school bus accident in Colorado Springs can be unforgiving, but you do not have to grapple with these realities alone. Our capable attorneys understand what is at stake and how important it is to pursue full and fair compensation from all liable parties involved.

Whether obtaining records detailing the accident and the extent of your injuries, speaking with law enforcement, or communicating with the school district, insurance company, or any other relevant parties, our lawyers can craft a personalized plan of action for your case while fighting unwaveringly for your rights. Call us today to schedule your confidential consultation.

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