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Mistakes to Avoid After a Colorado Springs Bus Accident

Bus collisions are known for leaving drivers and passengers with catastrophic injuries. If you have ever witnessed an accident like this, you know that they often involve one or multiple vehicles and, in some cases, numerous liable parties.

When you are hurt in a bus accident, understanding what legal rights you have is crucial. You should also be aware of common mistakes to avoid after a Colorado Springs bus accident, as avoidable errors could make it impossible to collect compensation for your injuries. Our diligent bus crash attorneys could help you avoid these potentially detrimental mistakes while working to get you every penny you deserve.

Common Causes of Colorado Springs Bus Collisions

Bus collisions involve public transit vehicles, school transportation vehicles, charters, or shuttles, to name a few examples. These crashes usually occur when one or multiple parties act recklessly. Sometimes, the at-fault party is the driver of the bus; however, many times, the owner of the bus, the manufacturer of the bus, or even a third-party driver is liable. Some of the primary causes of bus collisions involve aggressive or reckless driving, drunk driving, distracted driving, and speeding.

Because the average bus is so much larger than a traditional motor vehicle and carries far more passengers, the potential for a bus wreck to cause serious injuries increases significantly. The size of a bus also makes it more likely to flip, roll, or travel a significant distance off the roadway before stopping in the event of a collision.

Since buses usually lack proper seatbelts, passengers are likely to get thrown around the vehicle in a crash, leading to head, neck, or internal injuries. Burns, paralysis, and brain injuries are also frequently reported in these types of accidents. When someone is hurt in a Colorado Springs bus wreck and wants to pursue compensation for what happened, they must do what they can to avoid errors that might hurt their claim.

Crucial Steps to Take After a Bus Collision

One of the most common mistakes to avoid in the aftermath of a Colorado Springs bus collision is failing to seek proper medical care. Waiting to get medical treatment for injuries can make them even worse, sometimes leading to avoidable complications. When the claimant waits to get medical help, the insurance company for the bus driver or other at-fault party might try to argue that the losses the injured person filed a claim for did not happen in the collision.

Healthcare records play an important role in assessing the physical condition of the patient after the bus wreck, determining any follow-up treatment they might need, and estimating the value of their personal injury claim. The injured person must do more than claim they suffered their injuries in the bus accident to get financial recovery. They must also prove that their losses were directly connected to the crash.

Another key mistake people in Colorado Springs must avoid after a public transportation accident is failing to preserve evidence from the crash. Evidence might be medical bills, photos of the injury, photos or video of the accident scene, or other related documentation.

Insurance companies are notorious for contacting people hurt in bus collisions and attempting to get them to settle before they have spoken with a lawyer or discovered the full extent of their injuries. To avoid this, the injured person should contact a hardworking attorney who could help them assess their legal options and what compensation might be available, such as lost wages, medical bills, reduced earning capacity, future medical costs, pain, suffering, and more.

An Attorney Could Help Avoid Costly Mistakes After a Colorado Springs Bus Accident

Even something that might seem as harmless as talking to the insurance company before speaking to a lawyer could have a profound impact on the outcome of your case. An attorney could help you understand what mistakes to avoid after a Colorado Springs bus accident and give you the zealous legal representation you deserve.

If you have been injured in a bus accident, you are entitled to compensation from the at-fault party. Discuss your injuries and potential legal recourse with our attorneys today.

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