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Denver Slip and Fall Case Considerations

Slip and fall accidents are more common than people realize. In the event of a slip and fall accident, there are certain Denver slip and fall case considerations that it is important to keep in mind. A capable slip and fall lawyer could keep these considerations in mind when pursuing a person’s slip and fall claim. Individuals should consult a lawyer that could devote the time and resources necessary to building a person’s case.

Differences Between Slip and Fall Cases

What sets slip and fall cases apart from other personal injury cases is that they are more difficult to resolve. There are a lot more slip and fall cases and premises liability cases going through a trial than a lot of other cases because ultimately when it comes down to it, there are some hard-line stances on whether or not the defendant really does feel like they were liable for it or not.

A lot of times, the defense will fight to disprove liability. Juries, unfortunately, are not very responsive to slip and falls, say, in ice or snow because it is a cold state, everyone has this feeling that, they have slipped and fallen before and been fine, or they have slipped and fallen without receiving compensation. Insurance companies, defendants, they know that and they are more likely to take cases like that to trial.

Mistakes to Avoid

The biggest mistake to avoid in a slip and fall case is not reporting the fall. If a person slips and falls and gets up and walks out of the store, then no one has any evidence that the fall occurred aside from the one person that it happened to. The property owner/business owner might claim that because they never heard about the incident and there is no record on file, that the plaintiff does not deserve compensation.

The most important thing is reporting the accident and making sure that there is some information being exchanged between the property where a person is falling or slipping or being injured in and themselves so that they can relay that to their legal counsel, and then the second thing is the conditions that they slipped and fell on. Often, a plaintiff or a claimant can describe what they fell on but it is always better to be able to take the picture. Most people have a smartphone with a camera on it. The plaintiff can take the picture of what they fell on and that way, it is more clear-cut than trying to give a description of what it was.

What an Attorney Looks For in a Slip and Fall Case

There are Denver slip and fall case considerations that are important to keep in mind while filing a slip and fall accident claim. Liability is often one of the first things an attorney wants to look for in slip and fall cases. That might mean examining the steps that the defendant took or did not take that caused this condition because ultimately when they evaluate it, they want to make sure that they do have a good basis for liability. The lawyer is looking at what the was condition that caused the slip and fall.

If there is a plaintiff that knows this was water on the floor, it can be identified pretty quickly and then the questions that come next concern how long the water was there and how visible it was. If it is a puddle of water, then it has clearly been there for a longer time then there may be a little trail of water that has just started. The other thing an attorney might want to look for is documentation, like the incident report filled or potential photos that might have been taken. If an individual has been involved in a slip and fall case, they should consult a qualified slip and fall accident attorney that could help.

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