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Role of an Attorney in a Denver Slip And Fall Case

Lawyers are generally quite aggressive in slip and fall cases. The role of an attorney in a slip and fall case in Denver is to get out ahead of the adjusters and insurance companies to make sure that they investigate the case and properly advise you on whether the liability is strong or questionable, and whether or not to file a lawsuit. If the insurance company is not accepting liability, it will not offer a settlement. Your qualified slip and fall lawyer can try to achieve a positive outcome for you.

Benefits of Working With a Personal Injury Firm

The benefit of working with a personal injury firm is the experience and resources. A solo practitioner is trying to get by and often takes whatever case they can, whether it be a personal injury case, drafting a will, or a business contract. They obviously will not be as well versed in personal injury as the law firm whose sole practice is in this area of law and has significant resources. A firm that is well versed in that area of law; that will be able to answer whatever questions they might have a consultation, and that is responsive to their needs.

Developing a Strong Defendant-Defense Attorney Relationship

It is important for the attorney to be in contact with the plaintiff throughout the course of their case, to make sure if they are in the treatment phase that their treatment is progressing; that they are feeling better, and that all of their questions are being answered. That builds a rapport with the individual and makes them feel individualized.

The benefit of a strong attorney-potential client relationship is to have open communication. Plaintiffs are willing to trust the attorney more because they did everything to keep them apprised of their case. If they have a case where liability might be questionable, a reputable law firm will be in constant contact with the individual. Being upfront and honest with them about it will help them understand what the attorney is talking about.

On the other hand, if it is a large firm with thousands of potential clients, and the potential client only hears from their attorney once in a while (every six months), the day that that attorney picks up the phone to tell them it is a great case (or bad case) because of X, Y and Z, the potential client feels left out of the whole process.

Steps an Attorney Can Take

One role of an attorney in a Denver slip and fall case that is not often discussed, is the role they occupy as investigators. There is a lot of investigation into the actual slip and fall case, e.g., what were the circumstances, the condition of the area where the individual slipped and fell, and communication with witnesses. The attorney would initially be dealing with the insurance company, responding to request letters and requests for medical authorization forms to be signed by the victim. An injured person has no obligation to sign these and most people do not know that.

If a person already signed the authorization forms before retaining an attorney, the attorney will have to rescind those authorizations, because the insurance companies can use them for any purpose once the individual has signed it. The attorney, on the individual’s behalf, will build the case in an effort to maximize the victim’s recovery. In this way, the person can focus on returning to work and trying to get better.

How Attorneys Can Help People Deal With Insurance Companies

The role of an attorney in a slip and fall case in Denver is to serve as the advocate for their potential client. People that do not hire an attorney and merely give a sworn statement immediately afterward and sign releases will usually settle their claim for a lot less than its actual value. So the insurance company may only make an offer based on what the health insurance company paid and that is not what the law is in Colorado. An individual is entitled to the full amount that was billed to them and not what their insurance company paid. It is important to retain an experienced slip and fall lawyer who knows the law and protects their potential clients from being taken advantage of.

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