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Infections in Greeley Nursing Homes

At some point, it might no longer be possible to provide for all your elderly loved one’s needs. At this time, you might decide that your family member would be safer at a nursing home where trusted professionals could watch over and care for them. However, these facilities can also pose unique risks. The spread of infections in Greeley nursing homes could cause your vulnerable loved one to become sicker.

When these infections occur because a long-term facility failed to protect its residents, you could pursue justice through a personal injury suit. A dedicated nursing home abuse attorney could investigate your claim and search for answers and accountability.

Residential Care Facilities Have a High Rate of Infections

The risk of residents developing and spreading infections is a common problem in Greeley nursing homes. Nursing home residents live in very close proximity to each other, so when one resident develops a contagious illness, others often catch it. If staff members are not vigilant about maintaining proper hygiene, such as washing their hands between touching each resident and sanitizing surfaces, illnesses can spread even faster.

Nursing homes should closely monitor their residents and be on the lookout for illnesses and infections. When the nursing home observes that someone is sick, they should treat that illness as quickly as possible so it does not progress into a more serious medical condition. Failing to treat a patient’s infection could make a facility liable for any resulting harm. Staff members should also try and minimize contact between a patient with an infection and other healthy residents. A seasoned legal team could investigate a nursing home’s practices to determine if they acted negligently in their care of residents.

Common Types of Infections in Long-Term Care Facilities

Older adults and those with pre-existing health conditions are often at an increased risk of severe harm from infections because they have naturally weaker immune systems that are not as capable of fighting off infections. While any type of infection could occur in a Greeley nursing home, some infections are particularly prevalent.

Urinary Tract Infections

Medical conditions like diabetes and the long-term use of catheters could contribute to a resident developing a urinary tract infection. Diagnosing this type of infection in older people can be more difficult because symptoms can vary. These infections are typically easy to treat. However, if left untreated, urinary tract infections can lead to painful and even fatal consequences.


Older adults often have weaker respiratory systems and lower lung capacities, leading to an increased risk of pneumonia. Not all cases of pneumonia respond to traditional antibiotics, particularly if a patient does not receive treatment soon after the illness develops.

Skin Infections

As people age, their skin takes longer to heal and has a harder time fighting off infections. Shingles, bedsores, cellulitis, and MRSA can all develop in nursing homes.


Although the flu is a relatively common illness, the consequences can be dire when it develops in a nursing home resident. Older adults have much weaker immune systems that might not be able to fight off the illness. In addition, the flu can be very contagious and quickly spread to other residents.

Talk To a Greeley Attorney About Nursing Home Infections

When you move your loved one to a nursing home, you have every right to believe they will be safe. Staff members are supposed to watch over and care for residents, including doing everything possible to minimize the risk of infections in Greeley nursing homes.

If you believe a long-term care facility failed to protect your loved one from an infection or its consequences, you might have grounds to file suit. Our team of attorneys could help you seek compensation and accountability from a negligent nursing home. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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