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Falls in Greeley Nursing Homes

As people age, they might find it harder to care for themselves. An elder loved one may no longer be able to drive, go grocery shopping, cook meals, clean their house, or take care of their basic needs without assistance. Sometimes, hiring a home care aide helps. Still, some older people eventually need to move into nursing homes or assisted living facilities where they can receive round-the-clock care and assistance. However, sometimes nursing homes do not care for their residents as well as people would expect.

When staff members fail to protect their residents or provide a safe living environment, falls in Greeley nursing homes can lead to our most vulnerable loved ones suffering devastating injuries. If your loved one suffered harm because a nursing home failed to protect them, your family might be eligible to pursue a civil claim for damages in compensation for your loved one’s losses. Learn more from a seasoned nursing home abuse attorney at Amy G Injury Firm.

Severe Consequences When Nursing Home Residents Fall

When a young person falls, they can usually pick themselves up, brush off the dust, and get on with their day. Older adults are much more likely to experience debilitating injuries from a fall. When people age, their bones become more brittle and can break easier. A simple fall could also lead to a Greeley nursing home resident suffering head, neck, and back injuries.

In addition to painful physical injuries, falls can lead to other functional declines in nursing home residents. Injuries can take longer to heal than they would in younger people. Some older people who fall may never fully recover from their injuries. Lack of mobility could cause an injured resident to feel isolated, depressed, helpless, and isolated from others. Some people may be afraid of falling again, so they withdraw and refuse to leave their bed or chair to participate in social gatherings with others.

Compassionate local attorneys understand how serious the ramifications of a fall can be and could fight to make things right.

Nursing Homes Could Be Liable for Falls

Older adults are less physically stable and more susceptible to falling. Many residents in nursing homes may suffer from walking problems due to muscle, joint, or bone weakness. Greeley nursing homes are responsible for trying to keep residents safe from falling.

Some ways a nursing home could fail to protect its residents from falls include the following:

  • Providing medications that cause a resident to be overly sedated and unbalanced
  • Failing to clean wet floors
  • Failing to remove obstacles or clutter in walkways or halls
  • Providing inadequate lighting
  • Incorrectly using assistive devices, such as walkers
  • Not having enough staff to watch over residents
  • Failing to use support belts to help move patients
  • Failing to help residents move when they need to
  • Not providing bed rails, grab bars, or handrails when needed

Nursing homes must have enough workers who are trained to help residents. Because falls are such a significant problem in residential care facilities, homes should have fall prevention policies to mitigate the possibility of these accidents. A dedicated attorney could review a facility’s training protocols, hiring procedures, and employee manuals to find evidence of the home’s negligence.

Get in Touch With a Greeley Attorney After a Fall in a Nursing Facility

Nursing homes are supposed to provide holistic care for our elderly loved ones who need extra help. As people get older, they became more susceptible to falls which can have devastating consequences. However, many falls in Greeley nursing homes could be avoided if the nursing homes had better fall prevention strategies in place.

If you believe your loved one fell because of nursing home negligence, you probably have a lot of questions. A dedicated local attorney could guide you through your legal options and help you pursue justice on your loved one’s behalf. Call now to discuss how we could support you.

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