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Slip and Falls Involving Snow or Ice in Greeley

Snow and ice can cause hazardous conditions, leading to slips and falls while walking inside or outside. The accidents may occur because of an icy walkway, or someone may track in snow or ice when they enter a building making the floors slippery. While slip and fall injuries can happen anytime, the number of cases rises during the colder months.

If you sustained serious injuries in a slip and fall involving snow or ice in Greeley, you could be able to hold the person responsible for the property legally and financially accountable. Schedule a meeting with a skilled slip and fall attorney to learn more about your options.

How Premises Liability Laws Affect Slip and Fall Cases

When people sustain injuries on someone else’s property because of hazardous conditions, including snow or ice, civil laws allow them to hold the liable party accountable and collect damages. Under the Colorado Revised Statutes § 13-21-115, the plaintiff will fall into one of three categories; invitee, licensee, or trespasser. An individual’s categorization as a property visitor will determine their legal rights and how much compensation they are entitled to.


Someone who enters property for business purposes, such as a store customer, is an invitee. Invitees are owed the highest duty of care under the law. Property owners must ensure they keep the premises safe and repair hazardous conditions immediately.


A licensee enters the premises with permission and often for personal reasons, such as a friend or neighbor visiting for dinner. Landowners owe licensees the second-highest duty of care and must use reasonable care to protect them from known hazards. Failing to do this could leave them liable in the event of an injury.


A trespasser enters property without the permission of the property owner. Property owners do not have a duty to, but cannot intentionally harm them by leaving hazards to stop them from entering. A lawyer experienced with slip and fall cases involving ice or snow in Greeley could help determine which category a person falls into after an accident.

Recovering Compensation After a Fall on Snow or Ice

In order to recover compensation for a slip and fall accident, a seasoned attorney will prove that the at-fault property owner was negligent in allowing a property visitor to become injured. After negligence is established, the court will consider various factors when determining the award. The judge will review the extent of the injuries, the defendant’s negligence, and how the accident will affect the plaintiff in the long run. The compensation could cover damages including:

  • Prior, current, and future medical bills and expenses
  • Lost income and future earning potential, including benefits
  • Physical impairment
  • Permanent scarring and disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish

An experienced Greeley attorney could collect the evidence needed to secure the maximum award amount after a slip and fall accident on snow or ice.

Speak with a Greeley Attorney About Slips and Falls Involving Snow or Ice

Slips involving ice and snow can occur on public or private property and leave you with severe injuries. If you suffered damages and losses after slipping because a negligent property owner did not keep up with the property as laws require, you could be eligible to collect compensation from the liable party.

Many factors go into recovering damages for slips and falls involving snow or ice in Greeley, and a skilled lawyer could help navigate the complex process. A successful civil claim and award could cover medical costs, lost pay, and pain and suffering. For help with your case, call our office today.

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