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Mistakes to Avoid When Settling a Lakewood Truck Accident Case

The end goal of any injury claim is to make sure that you are properly compensated for the damages you sustained due to someone else’s negligence. Although some cases result in a trial hearing, the vast majority of cases usually end in a settlement. However, since truck accidents are usually worth more than the average injury case, insurance companies representing the defense may be more bullish in their attempt to deny or minimize culpability. As a result, victims should be weary of the tricks and tactics used by the defense to lessen the payout owed by them.

To learn more about the mistakes to avoid when settling a Lakewood truck accident case, it is in your best interest to get in touch with a skilled attorney for professional legal advice.

Accepting a Settlement Too Soon

When offered a settlement, a victim’s first instinct is to accept the offer right away in order to avoid the stresses of being engaged in a legal dispute over a long period of time. However, it is vital that victims are well aware that the settlement offered covers for all their damages, especially past and future medical expenses. This component of the settlement is crucial to account for, otherwise, victims may be in a situation where they may have to spend thousands in order to complete their medical treatment. Insurance companies are widely known for offering victims settlement offers worth substantially less than what they are owed. So victims should always run a settlement offer through their attorney before making a decision.

Incorrectly Calculating Damages

One of the first things an attorney would do on behalf of an injured victim is to calculate the total amount of damages sustained. The different types of damages an attorney could calculate are past and future medical bills, property damages, and missed time from work. In addition, a victim could also calculate noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering, psychological trauma, and loss of enjoyment of life. Often times, the defendant may not take into account the psychological injuries suffered by the victim, resulting in an offer worth substantially less than what is owed. By hiring an adept truck accident attorney, victims may be able to avoid making the vital mistake of not comparing the total amount of damages owed to a settlement offer.

Not Contacting an Attorney Could Prove to Be a Costly Mistake

One of the mistakes people often make is not contacting an attorney early on in a case. With an attorney at your side, you would not only be better suited to properly assess any settlement, but also to help hold the appropriate party accountable for the payment of damages. In addition, an attorney could advocate on your behalf in order to help negotiate the terms of a settlement and how much you would get from a payout. To learn more about the mistakes to avoid when settling a Lakewood truck accident case, be sure to schedule a consultation.

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