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Role of Mediation When Settling a Truck Accident Case in Lakewood

When settling a truck accident case, one of the things both parties may need to engage in before reaching a settlement is mediation. The role of mediation when settling a truck accident case in Lakewood is crucial considering both parties would be able to present their arguments to each other without the need of going to trial first. However, to fully take advantage of mediation, it is strongly recommended to speak with a legal professional before scheduling a mediation or even prior to beginning the claims process. Doing so would allow you to avoid the many pitfalls that await inexperienced injury claimants.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process where both the defendant and the plaintiff in an injury case come together to present their facts of the case in hopes of reaching a settlement. The great part of mediation is that there will be a non-biased person who would be responsible for controlling the mediation process. They will act in the same manner a judge would, but would not have the responsibility of delivering a verdict or an opinion regarding the case. The role of the mediator is simply to guide both parties to an agreement while ensuring that both parties have their say in the matter.

What Types of Evidence Should Be Presented During Mediation?

The best pieces of evidence that should always be included in mediation is photographs/video documenting the accident, witness testimony, damage calculations, police reports, and medical records explaining the extent of a victim’s injuries. Often times, the defense may try to offer the plaintiff substantially less than what they are owed. However, by presenting multiple pieces of strong evidence, the plaintiff could put themselves in a position to push the defense into offering a settlement that is worthy of an acceptance.

Mistakes to Avoid During Mediation in a Truck Accident Case

One of the more common mistakes people often make is failing to calculate both past and future medical treatment. Since truck accidents often result in serious injuries requiring long-term medical care, victims must make it a priority to recover compensation that would cover whatever treatment they need long after the accident. Failure to do so could leave the victim facing expensive medical bills while still needing to fulfill their treatment.

It is also worthwhile to hire an expert witness to provide technical insight regarding the accident. Truck accident cases are known to settle for significant amounts of money, so it is beneficial to have at least one expert witness providing testimony on how the defense is to blame for the accident, how the injuries correspond with the severity of the accident, or how a mechanical failure led to the accident. Hiring an expert witness should be done through an established truck accident attorney in the Lakewood area.

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There is much at stake in a truck accident settlement, so you should expect the defense to stand their ground against awarding significant compensation packages. However, as a knowledgeable attorney could explain, the role of mediation when settling a truck accident case in Lakewood is to give both the plaintiff and the defense the opportunity to talk through the claim and ultimately agree on a settlement award. To learn more, call today.

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