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Loveland Motorcycle Helmet Laws

When it comes to motorcyclists, there are few topics that are more contentious than the mandatory use of a helmet. There is little doubt that this safety equipment can save lives. However, the law applies differently depending on your age.

While minors typically must wear a helmet, the same is not true for adults. Failing to comply with Loveland motorcycle helmet laws can impact your health and your potential personal injury claim in an accident. A seasoned motorcycle collision attorney could advise you of your legal options during a confidential consultation.

Understanding Helmet Requirements

Motorcyclists are generally not required to wear a helmet in Colorado. While some jurisdictions mandate the use of this safety equipment, that is not the case for most riders regarding motorcycle helmet laws in Loveland.

While adults are allowed to ride with or without these protective devices, the same is not true for juveniles. Anyone under the age of 18 must wear a helmet while on a motorcycle.

However, there are other equipment requirements that all riders should be aware of. State law mandates that anyone operating a motorcycle must use an approved form of eye protection.

This requirement aims to prevent debris from causing eye injuries or impacting a rider’s ability to see the road in front of them. The eyewear must be made of safety glass, meaning it must be designed to withstand a substantial impact. A dedicated lawyer could help a biker prove that they were following safety regulations at the time of their accident.

Why are Helmets Recommended?

Loveland might have limited motorcycle helmet laws, but using these safety devices is highly recommended. Bikers are more exposed to danger than the occupants of cars or trucks because there is nothing between their bodies and the other vehicles they share the road with.

One of the major risks associated with these accidents is the potential for brain injuries. Any impact to the head, particularly when a rider falls from their bike and strikes the ground, can cause traumatic damage. A helmet could absorb a significant amount of this impact and reduce the potential for life-altering injuries.

Can Not Wearing a Helmet Impact a Personal Injury Settlement?

There are no laws in the state of Colorado that will cause an injured party’s compensation to be reduced due to not wearing a motorcycle helmet. Because of this, the courts have found that riders are not obligated to use them. In addition, their failure to do so cannot be used against them in civil proceedings.

Get in Touch With a Loveland Attorney to Discuss Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Having a clear understanding of Loveland motorcycle helmet laws can help reduce the consequences of an accident. Unfortunately, it cannot eliminate the potential for a collision with a negligent motorist.

If you were hurt in a crash through no fault of your own, you deserve to obtain fair compensation for the damages you incurred. It can be overwhelming to deal with the post-effects of an accident on your own, including medical bills, property damage, and painful injuries. It is crucial to seek legal advice to understand your rights and options.

Our compassionate personal injury attorneys could provide vital legal assistance during this difficult time. Call right away to discuss your case during a confidential consultation.

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