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Damages in Loveland Pedestrian Accidents

The aftermath of an accident can lead to a surplus of medical bills, lost wages, and emotional trauma. Thankfully, the court can provide damages to injured people to help with recovery.

In law, damages refer to the remedies a plaintiff requests from a civil court. In the case of compensation, an injured pedestrian or their loved ones can request several types of remedies, depending on what happened in the accident and how it affected the individual.

If you have been hurt as a pedestrian, you deserve to be compensated for your losses. A diligent pedestrian accident attorney can navigate the legal process and capably represent their client. Get in touch with our hardworking team today to learn how we fight for damages in Loveland pedestrian accidents.

Available Damages for Injured Pedestrians

There are several types of damages available in a Loveland pedestrian accident. Actual damages, also known as compensatory damages, refer to remedies for losses with a dollar amount that can be mathematically calculated.

Economic damages are tangible money or property loss and can include medical bills, lost wages, destroyed personal property, and other items with a definite dollar value. There are also non-economic damages which are more subjective. These include losses that are not tangible or replaceable, such as physical pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and loss of quality of life.

It is important that the court consider all forms of damages, as an accident can leave a person with harm that goes beyond physical injuries. A dedicated attorney could represent their client, collect evidence, speak with witnesses, and help to obtain full compensation for their losses.

Awarding Punitive Damages

The court awards punitive damages to punish the defendant and prevent their harmful actions from being repeated in the future. This can also deter other people from copying or carrying out similar acts.

A pedestrian injured in an accident in Loveland cannot ask for punitive damages when filing a lawsuit. These are decided and awarded by the court, typically if the defendant’s actions were intentional or they had reason to know their behavior would cause significant injury.

Additionally, punitive damages can be any amount of money, and sometimes much more than the plaintiff initially asked for. However, the injured party will not be awarded punitive damages unless they have also received actual damages because there would be no need or justification for punishing the defendant.

To find out more about the types of compensation that pedestrians can obtain in a personal injury lawsuit or settlement, call a compassionate lawyer who has worked on and succeeded in similar cases in the past.

Learn More About Damages in Loveland Pedestrian Accidents Today

During a free initial consultation, our professional legal team could identify all possible damages and points of suffering you or your loved one has endured. With this information and evidence, we could help you receive the maximum compensation possible to cover your losses.

The recoverable damages in Loveland pedestrian accidents could be numerous for an injured person, but obtaining these on your own can be challenging. You must understand the legal process of a personal injury claim and all its intricacies. A reliable lawyer could help to make you whole again. Contact a personal injury attorney on our team today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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