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Loveland Pedestrian Accident Injuries

When cars strike pedestrians, the resulting injuries can be life-changing. A person traveling on foot has little protection from the tremendous impact of a moving vehicle. Whether you sustain broken ones or brain injuries, recovering can take years.

You could be entitled to financial compensation for Loveland pedestrian accident injuries if a careless driver struck you. Before you file a lawsuit on your own, you could benefit from a discussion with a seasoned pedestrian accident attorney. Call our law office today to schedule your initial consultation.


Cuts and bruises are arguably the most common injuries associated with pedestrian accidents in Loveland. Sometimes, they might be superficial cuts and scrapes that will fully heal without medical intervention. Unfortunately, deep lacerations are also possible.

Serious cuts can occur from the impact of the vehicle or when a pedestrian is knocked to the ground. They can be painful and result in blood loss. While cuts ultimately heal, scarring or disfigurement could manifest in deeper wounds.


A motor vehicle hitting a pedestrian can cause broken bones. The force generated by a car or truck, even one traveling at a relatively low speed, can be enough to lead to a fracture.

These injuries could impact virtually any part of a person’s skeletal structure. Broken wrists, arms, and legs are common injuries in pedestrian accidents in Loveland. However, fractures to the skull or spinal column can cause paralysis or even death.

Internal Injuries

While exterior wounds should be addressed in the aftermath of a pedestrian accident, internal injuries are often much more severe. A person may sustain catastrophic damage to vital organs when struck by a vehicle which can lead to bleeding that may be life-threatening. Internal injuries are especially dangerous if they are left untreated, which is why it is essential to receive medical attention immediately after an accident.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal injuries usually occur when a pedestrian suffers a traumatic impact to their head, neck, or back. This can happen when a driver strikes them or when they hit the ground after being knocked down by a moving vehicle. Spinal cord injuries can lead to paralysis and impact a person’s ability to work or live independently.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Head wounds can create a wide range of health consequences. The most serious of these conditions are known as traumatic brain injuries. While there are many different types of head-related injuries to be aware of, concussions are arguably the most common.

A concussion occurs when a person’s brain is jolted hard enough to cause damage, which can happen when someone is struck in the head by a moving vehicle. Some of the symptoms of a concussion include chronic pain, sleep disruption, dizziness, and personality changes.

Getting medical care after a pedestrian accident in Loveland ensures proper treatment and documents any injuries for potential damages claims.

Discuss Your Pedestrian Accident Injuries With a Loveland Attorney

People walking or biking deserve to travel without fear of injury from a careless motorist. Unfortunately, it is impossible to eliminate the risk of negligent drivers any time you enter a crosswalk.

If you are dealing with the costly effects of a Loveland pedestrian accident injury, reach out to our law office for a confidential consultation. Our reliable lawyers could protect your legal rights throughout a personal injury lawsuit.

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