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Filing a Loveland Wrongful Death Action

Someone’s actions or negligence can cause another person’s death, and when this happens, the surviving family can file a wrongful death claim. With this, certain damages can be owed to the deceased’s loved ones to cover expenses and subjective losses.

A wrongful death is not limited to homicide, like murder or manslaughter, as these situations occur when a person chooses to act in a way that causes fatal injury to another. Instead, a wrongful death is much broader and can cover untimely, unexpected, and unnatural fatalities that happen because of someone’s actions or failure to act.

If your family is suffering the loss of a loved one, a diligent wrongful death attorney could help in numerous ways. They could answer any questions you have during an initial consultation and assist with filing a Loveland wrongful death action.

Filing During a Criminal Case

A criminal action for a wrongful death is intended to determine if a defendant is guilty and needs to be punished or kept from society. In Loveland, the goal of filing a wrongful death action is to compensate the grieving for the loss of their loved one.

A knowledgeable personal injury attorney could file a wrongful death claim even if there is a pending criminal action. Additionally, heirs can file regardless of whether a defendant was found guilty in a criminal court.

Covered Loss in a Wrongful Death Action

Wrongful death actions compensate families for the pain of losing a loved one and cover the economic losses involved. For example, children not only miss a deceased parent but also lose the financial, emotional, and developmental support they provide.

Similarly, spouses whose partners pass away suffer emotionally and may also lose the income they relied on, having to deal with medical bills and funeral costs. A dedicated lawyer could help determine the types of losses a wrongful death caused so their client can be rightfully compensated.

Wrongful Death Action Filing Deadlines

In Loveland, most wrongful death actions must be filed within two years of the individual’s passing. However, it is extended to four years for fatalities that occur because of a vehicular homicide in which the driver leaves the scene of the accident. The law also determines who can file suit within those first two years.

In the first year after a wrongful death, the deceased’s spouse can file suit, or they can allow the deceased’s heirs to do so. If no spouse exists, the heirs or a designated beneficiary with the legal right can file. If no spouse or designated beneficiary exists, the responsibility is passed to the heirs.

By the second year of the deceased’s passing, the spouse, heirs, or both may file suit. Similarly, a designated beneficiary and the heirs may file together. A reliable lawyer in Loveland could navigate filing a wrongful death action for their client to ensure no deadlines are missed.

Call Today to Learn More About Filing a Wrongful Death Action in Loveland

For those dealing with the legal aftermath and pain of a loved one’s passing, the idea of filing a Loveland wrongful death action can seem overwhelming. While nothing replaces a lost life, a personal injury lawyer could help you get the most compensation for your damages and losses.

When our team accepts a wrongful death action, we do the hard work so you can focus on healing. Talk one-on-one with a compassionate lawyer today about your case by scheduling an initial consultation.

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