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Distracted Driving Truck Accidents in Thornton

All motorists hope that other drivers are paying full attention to the road in front of them and following safety laws and regulations. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for drivers to operate their vehicles while distracted.

Distractions are a common reason for crashes involving trucks and passenger vehicles. Both federal and state laws require that commercial vehicle operators follow strict safety regulations. When truckers violate these safety laws, it puts everyone on the roads and highways at risk.

If you were injured in a crash caused by a distracted driver of a commercial vehicle, get in touch with a lawyer right away. An attorney with experience handling distracted driving truck accidents in Thornton could help you pursue the payments you need to make things right.

Proving Negligence After a Distracted Driving Truck Wreck

Establishing negligence is a crucial step in an injury case. A skilled Thornton attorney could collect the evidence needed to prove the driver, trucking company, or truck manufacturer’s negligence led to the collision through careful analysis. Evidence including police reports, videos if they are available, eyewitness statements, and expert testimony could prove liability for negotiations with insurers and in civil court.

Many drivers choose not to seek immediate medical attention after an accident, but this is never advisable. When an injured party waits to see a doctor after a truck accident, insurance agencies may use this as evidence that injuries did not occur, leading to a lower settlement value. Failing to see a medical professional right away could also worsen or exacerbate injuries.

Common Types of Distracted Truck Driving Collisions

Driving a large and heavy truck is difficult under the best of circumstances. When the driver fails to focus on the road, they are putting all the other drivers around them at risk. A truck driver can quickly fail to see a car stopped or other hazards in the road when their attention is focused elsewhere.

Many types of severe accidents can occur as a result of driving while distracted. Texting while driving is highly dangerous and is often compared to driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Adjusting the radio, talking on the phone, and eating are also examples of dangerous driver distractions. A Thornton attorney could use evidence from a wreck to establish what a truck driver was doing in the moments leading up to a distracted driving collision.

Time Limit to File a Lawsuit

After a car accident, there is a time frame in which the injured party must file the suit. As per the Colorado Revised Statute § 13-80-101, the claimant must file a lawsuit against the negligent driver within three years of the crash and injuries with the civil court.

While three years may seem like plenty of time to build a case, evidence can disappear, and witness memories can fade soon after a wreck. It is crucial to engage the counsel of a skilled Thornton attorney as soon as possible after a distracted driving truck crash to ensure that all necessary steps are taken and paperwork filed within the state’s required timeframe.

Meet with a Committed Thornton Attorney to Discuss Your Distracted Driving Accident Case

If you sustained injuries in an accident with a trucker driving with distractions, do not delay in taking legal action. The driver’s careless or reckless actions could make them liable for the injuries you or a loved one sustained in the collision.

To learn more about the payments you might be owed after a distracted driving truck accident in Thornton, contact our office today. We could help you understand your options and move forward accordingly.

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