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Burn injuries are some of the most painful injuries a person can experience. Furthermore, the healing process is slow and a little painful as well. The cost of all the medical treatments a burn victim has to undergo can get very expensive, especially because it is such an unanticipated cost. That is why it is important to get in touch with an Aurora burn injury lawyer, once you have already been treated for your wounds. A qualified catastrophic injury lawyer can look over the relevant evidence, and use it to build a solid case for you. En Español.

Types of Burns

When it comes to types of burn injuries, first-degree burns are the mildest, and typically do not require legal action. A sunburn, for example, may only last a couple of days and that is usually just a first-degree burn. An individual can buy off-the-shelf ointments and things to put on it as well as lotion to help the skin heal itself and rehydrate itself.

Superficial second-degree is also called a deep partial burn. Second-degree burns affect the endodermis which is the next layer of skin. They cause pain, redness but usually also swelling and blistering. For second-degree burns, a person should first soak the injured area in cold water for a couple of minutes and then they could also consider taking over-the-counter pain medications to help with some of the pain relief and get over-the-counter ointments such as aloe vera or specialty creams that are designed for burns and ones that are safe for third-degree burns.

Of the three types of burn injuries, third-degree burns are the most severe. With third-degree burns, which are referred to as full thickness burns, they go all the way to the dermis and affect the deeper tissue and that will result in white or blackened or charred skin that will probably be numb as well. Third-degree burns definitely warrant legal action, and if an individual sustains third-degree burns because of someone else’s negligence, like a workplace chemical spill, they should contact an Aurora lawyer right away.

How a Severe Burn Could Have a Long-Term Impact

Severe burns are often classified as second-degree and third-degree burns. This means, constant pain throughout the day depending on where the burn is. It can affect how someone sleeps, which is in an important part of preparing for the day.

The injured party may need to have a skin graft if the injury is over a large area and if it is a third-degree burn. With post-traumatic stress syndrome, they may have nightmares and be re-living the accident on a constant basis and that is going to affect every aspect of their life.

Collecting and Presenting Evidence

An experienced Aurora burn injury attorney is going to be able to know what types of evidence they are going to need for that given that type of accident. For example, for a burn injury that happens at a chemical factory warehouse, or during a car accident, they are going to know where to look and what types of evidence they need to prove liability and that the at-fault party was negligent in some way.

They are also going to know the types of injuries, and how they affect their life and the types of treatment that that person will typically need with those injuries. Typically with burn injury cases, they are going to establish liability through the use of experts as well as any witnesses to show the accident happened or what events led up to that. Usually, they rely on the experts and the reports completed by the expert.

Working With Insurance Companies

Typically, insurance companies will try to work with burn injury victims, and make it appear as if they are being cooperative, and that they have the injured person’s best interest at heart. In reality, insurance companies are for-profit companies and every time they pay out a claim, they are making less of a profit.

They actually have every possible motivation to avoid working with people and a sense of what is in their best interest, but they will try to get them to agree to a settlement early on and for pennies on the dollar for what they truly deserve. A dedicated Aurora burn injury attorney can take on insurers and fight for an injured party’s right to fair compensation.

Finding an Aurora Burn Injury Attorney

The most important thing a person should look for when searching for a lawyer is a great reputation among prior clients. Prior clients will know the ins and outs of how the firm handled their case, and can speak to how sympathetic and dedicated the attorney was. An individual should also look for attorneys that are sympathetic and can empathize with the individual about how the situation is affecting their life and the stress and mental anguish that it is causing them throughout the process.

A person should also look for a firm that is a decent size because they are going to have great resources available and have experience handling different types of cases and working with different types of experts and medical personnel. Contact a compassionate Aurora burn injury lawyer at Amy G Injury Firm who will strive for a positive outcome for you.

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