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Aurora Catastrophic Injury Case Resources

When compiling a catastrophic injury claim multiple professionals may be needed to support evidence and facts. Having a trustworthy catastrophic injury attorney is important for an injured person to feel as comfortable as much as possible through the process. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible to begin the process of seeking beneficial Aurora catastrophic injury case resources.

Who Might Be a Beneficial Addition to a Catastrophic Injury Case?

Aurora catastrophic injury case resources are not always physical items, various professionals can be critical to supporting one’s case. An accident reconstructionist can address the different accounts of how the crash occurred the damage it caused. A life care planner could then help figure out what the damages are in the future and who would be needed to prove the compensation needed.

An economist can help with the wage loss and show much money they are going to lose in the future if they are not able to work at all versus they just cannot go back to the level of employment and make as much as they were before.

Determining Damages for Catastrophic Injuries

The value of their case is going to be significantly higher because the medical expenses alone could be thousands of dollars often depending on the medical bills they have accrued. The injured party may be entitled to more pain and suffering for these types of injuries because the more serious the injury is, the more money they should be compensated for it.

As far as the nature of damages, typically in small cases like back injuries and neck injuries that heal within a couple of months, they may not be able to work at all initially and then they may not be able to return to that same type of job so they can get paid back for that type of loss of income but also the future income that they may lose.

For long-term calculations, a lawyer can hire a life care planner if it is a serious accident that can include things like providing a nurse if they need daily medication that they cannot administer themselves or care for themselves such as feeding, bathing, and clothing themselves.

What is the Statute of Limitations After a Catastrophic Accident?

Statute of limitations is the time limit on how long they have to recover for their accidents and if they missed the statute of limitations, which is usually two or three years depending on the type, then they have lost the opportunity to recover any type of money for their accident.

How an Attorney Can Help

One of the most important Aurora catastrophic injury case resources that an attorney could help with is making sure that they are seeing the right types of doctors. Often, the average person does not know what a neurologist does, for example, and they cannot treat brain injuries. Attorneys can help them along those lines and make sure that they are seeing the right type of doctor, getting the treatment that they need, and if they need help with a referral, attorneys can help with that. Then, of course, if they are having any psychological injuries, they can help them to see the right type of therapist and help them along those lines.

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