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Paralysis is defined as an inability to move, sense, touch, and control bodily sensations. Paralysis can be temporary or permanent. The most common cause of paralysis is damage to the spinal cord itself and if the injury to the spinal cord happens in the neck, it can affect pretty much everything in the body to some degree. That could mean complete loss of the use of the arms and legs as well as breathing. If it is lower down, it can cause loss of the use of the person’s legs.

Medical bills associated with this type of accident can be extremely high, especially because the cost is an unanticipated one. If they do not have health insurance, they are going to be left to pay for it if they do not go after the at-fault party. Luckily, if another person was at fault those injured should not have to shoulder that financial burden alone, a skilled Aurora paralysis lawyer can help you fight for damages. To learn more, contact a qualified catastrophic injury attorney and know that you are in capable hands. En Español.

Steps Following an Accident

The most important thing a person should do following a catastrophic injury is to call the police and have an ambulance arrive to take them to the emergency room. From there, they should avoid talking about the accident to anyone, including the at-fault party, and avoid sharing the details with the ambulance staff and the police officers.

They should first go to the emergency room and then, once they are stabilized and get released, they should follow up with a neurologist or a neurosurgeon and they can help figure out the severity of the injuries and to prevent them from getting worse. From there, they can work with the physical therapist if they are able to try to retrain the muscles to be able to walk or use their arms.

One way a person can help their dedicated Aurora paralysis attorney is by avoiding posting on social media and avoiding talking about it with anyone. They can also keep a pain journal to detail what is hurting that day, what things they are not able to do, as well as things that they are missing out on in life such as a family member’s graduation or being unable to attend a family reunion in a different state.

Pursuing a Paralysis Case in Aurora

A person can sue for an accident if another person was at fault in causing the accident. That is called negligence. An attorney’s job is to prove that the person failed to use reasonable care given the circumstances. It could be a car accident where someone’s spinal cord is damaged. In some cases, they can sue for an illness that would usually fall under medical malpractice, for example, or contracting an illness at a hospital because they did not use proper care to clean and prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. In other cases, they could slip and fall on a slippery floor at work, causing a TBI that results in paralysis.

Aurora is a comparative negligence jurisdiction which means that if the plaintiff also had a role in the incident and their own paralysis, it can impact the amount of damages they receive. A seasoned local paralysis attorney will look to see how much at fault the person was, if at all. If they are at least 50% or more at fault, then they cannot get any recovery. They have to be at least less than 50% in a case, for example, where there are multiple cars involved. If one person is 26% at fault, another 25% and then the client is at 49%, they will still be able to recover for that 51%.

Necessity of an Aurora Paralysis Injury Attorney

A catastrophic injury lawyer can be a vital asset to someone pursuing a personal injury case. The lawyer can look at the existing facts of your case, interview witnesses, collect evidence, and use all of this information to build your case. Your attorney’s primary objective is assuring that the responsible person/parties are held accountable for their actions.

An attorney can help you recover money for the medical bills as well as get you money for pain and suffering and with paralysis, you will need money for a wheelchair, perhaps, and may have to make modifications to your home. If you have sustained injuries that have resulted in paralysis, contact a compassionate Aurora paralysis lawyer.

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