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Aurora Anoxic Brain Injury Lawyer

An anoxic brain injury is an injury to the brain because of the lack of oxygen. What happens is the brain cells need oxygen to function and stay alive and when oxygen is cut off, they can die, when it starts, in about four minutes with a loss of oxygen to that area of the brain. When you or a loved one are considering filing an injury claim, it is always recommended to retain the services of a seasoned catastrophic injury attorney. An Aurora anoxic brain injury lawyer might be the best person to help you with your claim.

Common Ways to Sustain Anoxic Brain Injuries

Anoxic brain injuries can happen from a cardiac arrest or heart attack, and it is a common occurrence with children when they are choking, suffocating, or drowning and it can also be a result of a bad combination of drugs whether the prescriptions are illegal, as well as electrical shock.

Brain Injury Impact on Quality of Life

The biggest reason why these injuries are serious is due to the fact that our brains are the most vital organ and that controls just about everything that goes on in our bodies. When the brain is not getting enough oxygen and those cells start to die, it can affect virtually anything from how we think and process things to moving our arms and legs and of course, it can affect how our organs are functioning as well.

The quality of life that can be experienced after an anoxic brain injury will mainly depend on what area of the brain has been affected. It could be the entire brain or just the certain area that affects movement or speech. It can affect the senses, a person can lose eyesight, hearing, speech, taste, smell but it can also cause paralysis and ultimately death in some cases. Contact an Aurora anoxic brain injury lawyer for more information.

Treatment Options

Immediately after the injury happens, they are going to try to restore oxygen to the brain. There are things that they can do to increase the amount of oxygen in the person’s blood, in addition, medication can help with that. They will also look to try to cool the brain in some situations.

Treatment options all depends on the type of injury. A person can work with a physical therapist to retrain the motor skills such as walking if it has affected their job and they can work with an occupational therapist to try to find ways to work around whatever issues they are having, this is the same with speech, et cetera.


Hiring an Aurora Anoxic Brain Injury Attorney

The attorney is going to have to prove that the injuries are related to the accident itself. If it is a drowning incident, the attorney and the injured individual or their family will work with the doctor. For example, if a child who came close to drowning and had a loss of oxygen to the brain, the attorney will work with the doctor, and make sure it is in the records that the injury was related to the drowning incident and then go from there.

There are many things that the plaintiff is going to have to prove in order to recover damages. An Aurora anoxic brain injury lawyer could help to alleviate some of the pressures on your shoulders and provide you with the appropriate legal guidance moving forward. An attorney can work to prove that the injuries sustained by the victim are related to the accident itself. However, the sooner a seasoned injury lawyer can get on the case, the better it is. Contact a dedicated attorney today.

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