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Hypoxic brain injuries occur when someone’s brain has access to low amounts of oxygen for a certain period of time. Hypoxic injuries could have severe consequences for an individual. A hypoxic brain injury could be caused by someone having a heart attack; with children, it could be caused by choking, suffocation, drowning, and even electrical shock can also cause it, as well as drug use. If you or someone you love has experienced a hypoxic brain injury, consult an Aurora hypoxic brain injury lawyer. An experienced traumatic brain injury attorney could hold the responsible party accountable.

Severity of Hypoxic Brain Injuries

Hypoxic brain injuries are very serious because people’s brains are their most valuable asset, and it controls everything. A person who has damage to a part of their brain is going to have some negative health consequences and that could include difficulty speaking or hearing, moving lens, or processing information, and regulating emotions.

Depending on where the injury was to the brain but, a person may have difficulty with the basics such as getting up in the morning, dressing themselves, and preparing meals, and taking care of themselves. They may also not be able to work and earn a living.

Treatment for Hypoxic Brain Injuries

Immediately after a hypoxic brain injury happens, medical professionals try to restore oxygen to the brain. There are methods they can use to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood as well as using medication to help get oxygen in the blood and then straight to the brain as well as try to cool the brain off and help preserve it during that time. From there, it is mainly about rehabilitation. There is not much a person can do to actually help the brain heal itself; it will do that on its own if it is able to depending on how severe it is.

The rehabilitation will look at working with the physical therapist if they are not able to use their arms and legs fully or at all. They can work with an occupational therapist to find ways to improve the daily skills such as dressing and working in an office environment, for example. From there, they can also work with a speech therapist if they are having language problems. An Aurora hypoxic brain injury lawyer could help an individual find the right medical professionals to treat them.

Establishing Liability

An Aurora hypoxic brain injury lawyer could look to prove that the defendant was negligent in some ways – that means that they failed to live up to the standard that was expected of them given the circumstances of the accident. When they say they act negligent, they are failing to use reasonable care and to prove a negligence claim; an attorney will show that they owed a duty, that they breached that duty, and that the plaintiff was injured and their injuries are related to the accident. On the injury side, an attorney has to prove that the injuries are directly related to the accident and will do that through the medical records as well as speaking with the doctors, perhaps having them do a special report. Then, if a lawsuit has to be filed, a deposition will be taken and that will be admissible in court.

Value of an Aurora Hypoxic Brain Injury Attorney

Hypoxic brain injury is similar to anoxic brain injury but for hypoxic brain injuries, there has only been a loss of oxygen to a certain part of the brain and with anoxic it is a complete loss of oxygen to the brain. If you have suffered a hypoxic brain injury you should seek a qualified Aurora hypoxic brain injury lawyer because this injury could affect the rest of your life. It could affect your ability to work and provide for your family. A capable attorney could attempt to recover the damages that you deserve.


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