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Aurora Traumatic Brain Injury Damages

Traumatic brain injuries can have life-changing consequences for an individual. Not only could they impact your ability to perform what were once simple, mundane tasks, but they could impact your ability to earn an income and support yourself. Furthermore, the cost of medical treatment can also be difficult to handle, especially because these costs are often unanticipated. What you may not know is that you could be eligible for damages for your injuries. Work with a dedicated traumatic brain injury attorney that could help you pursue Aurora traumatic brain injury damages.

Process of Assessing Damages

When assessing Aurora traumatic brain injury damages, attorneys look at how seriously individual is injured and at the types of injuries they sustained. A minor back injury might only result in inconvenience, for example, bed rest that prevents an individual from attending events with their children, but catastrophic injury cases involve much more extensive damages. They involve lengthy or permanent medical treatment. A TBI lawyer could use doctors and medical evidence to prove these damages in court. An attorney would also look at the person’s work capacity and the earning potential lost. Individuals sometimes make a video of a day in their life so they could show how difficult regular everyday tasks are, such as making breakfast in the morning, getting dressed, and bathing themselves.

What if the Individual Does Not Remember How They Sustained the Injury?

If an individual cannot remember how they were injured, an attorney might hire an accident reconstructionist. Often it is difficult to determine how a car accident happened. It often depends on the testimony by parties and witnesses. Typically, defendants are going to say what is in their best interest and try to absolve themselves of liability even if for a rear-end accident. That is why the accident reconstructionist might prove helpful, they will provide a scientific version of how the collision took place.

Common Types of Damages

The most common type of  Aurora traumatic brain injury damages are perhaps medical expenses, which includes everything from the initial ambulance ride to the ER hospital bill to surgeries or chiropractic treatment. Lost wages are also commonly-sought damages. Many people are not able to work shortly after the accident. Pain and suffering damages are also common, which compensate them for having to go through the initial pain, the treatment, the daily pain and limitations that they are going to have for the rest of their life. One of the more difficult and unique types of damage associated with TBI is a psychological impact. Brain injuries can impact a person’s mood and they process different information. The psychological issues resulting from such injuries are unique.

Importance of Working With an Attorney Familiar With TBIs

One of the main goals of an attorney is to get the person a fair settlement. They will have a harder time doing this if they do not know what the individual is experiencing and how it will impact their life. Even when these injuries do not result in job loss, they could inhibit future promotions and have other negative impacts. If an attorney does not realize that, they will miss out on the loss of income that could be farther down the road. That is certainly something that an individual deserves to be compensated for.

Consulting an Aurora Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

A skilled traumatic brain injury attorney could handle each aspect of an individual’s case. It is important for the injured person to listen to their doctor, follow their advice, and recuperate. While the injured party focuses on recovery, a lawyer could handle the legal work. They would typically hire a life care planner to work directly with the potential client to figure out how the injuries are affecting their life. The life care planner would be able to build different limitations, for example, an inability to bathe oneself or mow the lawn, into the settlement. The settlement could also be taking care of family members as well. as Additionally, an attorney could hire an economist to evaluate wage loss and any future wage loss. If an individual has sustained a traumatic brain injury, they should work with a skilled TBI lawyer that could help them recover Aurora traumatic brain injury damages.

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