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Role of Health Insurance in Aurora Motorcycle Accidents

With health insurance, an injured party can seek all the treatment they need. If one does not have health insurance, they must pay for the treatment themselves. The role of health insurance in Aurora motorcycle accidents is very important because a hospital stay for serious injuries can be expensive.

An injury on a motorcycle almost always requires some type of hospitalization. If a rider does not have health insurance, they must pay out of pocket for any injuries they have sustained. Following a motor scooter collision, contact a distinguished motorcycle accident lawyer to discuss your treatment options.

What Happens To Someone Without Health Insurance?

If an Aurora motorcyclist is injured and does not have health insurance, they should seek help to rule out any serious injuries. Health is a lot more important than any bills one may accrue as a result of a collision. The hospital cannot turn anyone away and they will make sure that they will take all of the necessary precautions to make sure that the person is in good standing.

If the injured party was not responsible for the collision, they should immediately contact a motorcycle accident attorney who can help them find a provider who will treat them on a lien. A lien is an IOU ticket. The injured party promises to pay the treatment cost out of any settlement that they would receive from the at-fault party.

Benefits of Health Insurance After a Motorcycle Crash

When someone is pursuing damages in court could benefit from the role of health insurance in Aurora motorcycle accidents when pursuing damages in court. Health insurance in the state of Colorado cannot be used to reduce the amount of money one collects from the at-fault party because of the collateral source rule. The at-fault party is not entitled to the benefit to reimburse the at-fault party at a reduced amount.

The at-fault party will reimburse the injured party the full amount that was billed, not what was paid. The billed amount will almost always be greater than the paid amount because health insurance companies have contracts with medical providers that provide the injured party with the same services anyone would have received at a discounted rate. Paid sick leave should not be used to reduce the amount of money the injured party should receive if the injured party is forced to use the sick leave as a result of the at-fault party’s negligence.

Insurance Reimbursement Requirements

If an injured party receives payments from a third-party tortfeasor, the insurance company who provided payment will receive what is called subrogation. Subrogation is a big word for the right to get paid back. The subrogated amount will be the amount the insurance company paid to the medical providers on behalf of the injured party. The amount the insurance company will subrogate can be reduced in some instances. The amount of reduction differs depending on each case and the type of health insurance.

How Do Insurance Companies Get Paid?

The subrogation, or substituting the injured party with the insurance company, occurs because a third-party tortfeasor caused the injured party the harm. For the negligence of the tortfeasor, the injured party would not have sought the medical attention they were seeking. A tortfeasor caused the negligence; the tortfeasor’s insurance company is paying the injured party a sum of money for that negligence. Therefore, the health insurance company is entitled to a portion of those proceeds for the services it was forced to pay because of the tortfeasor’s negligence.

Negative Impact of an Insurance Company Following a Motor Scooter Crash

The role of health insurance in Aurora motorcycle accidents is not always beneficial for someone’s long-term protection plan. A person’s rates can increase when they are involved in a motorcycle accident because they are involved in an extremely dangerous activity, an activity that will more likely than not cause them serious bodily harm. The harm that results when engaging in this activity is more serious and often more severe than someone involved in, a car collision. Therefore, the insurance company is forced to pay out more money on one’s behalf to medical services they are forced to receive. Thus, insurance premiums will increase because of operating a motorcycle.

Discuss Role of Health Insurance in Motorcycle Accidents With an Aurora Attorney

Health insurance plays an important role in Aurora motorcycle accident cases. Without proper coverage, you might need to pay for the costs of your injuries yourself, which can add up quickly. Working with a legal professional could help you get the payments you need and deserve. Call us to learn more.

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