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Aurora Overweight Truck Accident Lawyer

Overweight trucks can pose a serious threat to drivers. What is worse is, it is probably very common for trucks to operate above the acceptable safe weight but it is also extremely dangerous. If a truck is oversized or overweight, then there is always the potential for lost cargo, the truck rolling over or losing its cargo that causes additional dangers. If you have been fallen victim to these dangers and sustained an injury in this type of accident, consult an Aurora overweight truck accident lawyer. A qualified attorney can use the resources at their disposal to build your case.

Risks to Drivers

One of the risks, when someone drives an overweight truck, is that they could lose control of the cargo and endanger other drivers. There have been times where a truck is stalled out because it cannot pull that much weight which causes hazards. Or, when a truck is overweight, they have a difficult time stopping rear-end accidents. The runaway truck ramps in Colorado are often occupied because a vehicle’s brake systems can go out or the vehicle or the truck is so heavy that it breaks the handle and they lose control and cannot stop.

Overweight trucks could potentially take out bridges and guardrails. They can take out traffic signs and street signs. They can create huge potholes and damage to the road. An oversized truck can take out a shoulder. It can destroy the shoulders on some of the more narrow highways or roads in Colorado, putting drivers at risk.

Overweight Truck Accident Injuries

The size of that truck and the vehicle or the cargo could cause death. When the cargo falls off a truck, rollover accidents can occur. Decapitations can result from lost cargo. There are very violent injuries that happen when dealing with loose cargo and overweight trucks.

When it involves hazardous materials, it becomes more of an environmental danger than anything else. If logs roll off a semi-truck or a huge piece of equipment falls off a truck, like a giant boulder coming at a person, injuries can occur. Also with these overweight trucks, loose cargo does severe damage to tires, so if some of those tires explode it can cause even greater accidents. An Aurora overweight truck accident lawyer can work with an expert witness to gauge the extent of an individual’s injuries and help establish the liability of the truck driver.

Steps Truck Drivers Should Take to Avoid Accidents

One of the steps a truck driver can take to ensure that their truck is to weigh it. There is the weight station that trucks need to stop at where required. In Colorado, there are also chain laws that truck drivers must follow. By following chain laws and using snow chains during inclement weather a truck driver can also avoid accidents.

Liability in Overweight Truck Accident Cases

When an Aurora overweight truck accident lawyer tries to establish liability, they usually pursue the trucking company first. It could also be the truck driver or the supplier that is liable for the accident. It could be a person purchasing or selling the cargo who adds five more pipes, or six more logs, or four more boxes, or ten more cows. Whatever it might be, that gets placed on the supplier or the purchaser.

Value of an Aurora Overweight Truck Accident Attorney

An Aurora overweight truck accident lawyer can be your greatest asset if you are thinking of pursuing a personal injury case. Your attorney can examine the facts of your case and determine whether you have enough to file a claim. If you have a case, the lawyer can determine your potential legal options and together you can decide what your next steps should be. Speak with an attorney that can try to fight for a positive outcome for you.

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