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Applying for Workers’ Compensation in Aurora

Sustaining an injury within the scope of your employment is never an ideal situation to be in. Not only could the workers’ comp claims progress be difficult to navigate through, but potential claimants may have to deal with unfair physician evaluations regarding a sustained injury. For more help with applying for workers’ compensation in Aurora, schedule a consultation as soon as possible.

Steps Involved in Filing a Claim

The first step involved in filing a workers’ compensation claim is to call an experienced attorney who has no less than ten years of workers’ compensation, handling thousands of claims. If someone calls an attorney and they tell them he has less than ten years’ experience, they should go onto the next one.

The second step is to notify an employer immediately of the accident. Upon doing so, claimants should also seek out medical assistance immediately after an injury. Waiting as much as 24 hours could have a negative impact on victims.

Claimants should try their best to stay out of the workers’ compensation system. Instead, claimants should be sure to retain legal assistance who could walk them through the claims process and potentially increase the likelihood of obtaining benefits.

Information Needed to be Presented in a Workers’ Comp Claim

When applying for workers’ compensation in Aurora, it is important to have information readily available regarding the circumstances of the injury. Some factors that may be taken into account involves whether the victim sought out medical assistance soon after their accident. An applicant should be ready to answer if they were taken by an ambulance, what the doctor’s assessment included, and if there was any diagnostic procedure done.

Difficulty of Applying for Workmans’ Compensation Benefits

It can be argued that the application was designed to be intentionally complicated with many strict deadlines that are required to be met. In addition, some claimants may have to battle against an inherent conflict of interest between their designated physician and the insurance company. There is a huge incentive for physicians to deny a claim, to minimize the injury, to ignore what they are told by the claimant, and to even completely misconstrue the progress of the claimant during the course of treatment.

Retaining Legal Experience

With an experienced attorney at your side, claimants may be able to understand workers’ compensation law in a way to benefit their claim. By electing to move on without an attorney, claims have either have their claim denied or leave a lot of money on the table. If you have suffered an injury at work and were denied work benefits, schedule a consultation today to begin reviewing the circumstances of your case.

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