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Injuries that occur while a person is at work are common. Those who work in a manufacturing setting are especially vulnerable. High temperatures, powerful machinery, and even distracted co-workers can all contribute to serious injuries. Thankfully, Colorado law states that all workplaces that employ at least one worker are required to obtain workers’ compensation insurance.

These insurance plans provide bi-weekly payments to all workers who are injured while on the job and even lump sum payments in the event of permanent disability. Unfortunately, the insurance companies who administer these plans can make the claims process very difficult.

Aurora manufacturing injury lawyers can understand your needs and can help you receive the full payments that they are entitled to, following their injuries. A qualified workers’ compensation attorney can take the lead through your Colorado workers’ compensation appeals process to protect your rights, and help you pursue the benefits you deserve. En Español.

How People Are Injured

Manufacturing workplaces are among the most dangerous in Colorado. Even when companies have intensive training programs and detailed safety protocols, accidents are inevitable. Due to the presence of heavy objects, fast moving parts, and harsh chemicals, injuries that occur in a manufacturing setting can be particularly severe. They can include:

  • Electrocution
  • Chemical burns
  • Loss of limbs
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Deafness
  • Deep lacerations

Any of these injuries can form the basis for a workers’ compensation claim and may negatively affect a person’s ability to work in the future. An Aurora manufacturing injury lawyer can evaluate an individual’s claim in order to determine whether they have a case, and can help them build their case.

Colorado Workers’ Compensation Laws

Workers’ compensation plans must cover all types of workplace injuries, even those caused by the worker’s own negligence. The only exception to the rule is when the worker is not performing their work duties in a proper way. For example, if a worker’s job is to drive a forklift, and that forklift tips over after being improperly loaded, any injuries may be claimed under workers’ compensation.

By contrast, if this same worker is using the forklift to chase another worker across the factory floor, the forklift tips over and the employee is injured, the insurance company may deny benefits since the worker was not at-work within the legal definition. This is one of the most common reasons why a workers’ compensation claim is denied.

Potential Benefits

Benefits are issued for both temporary injuries and permanent reductions in a person’s ability to work. Temporary payments are issued in situations where a worker makes a full recovery and returns to the job. They must miss at least three days of work for these payments to begin. These benefits are paid on a bi-weekly basis at a rate of 2/3 the average weekly wage before the injury.

Potential Benefits for Permanent Injuries

Compensation for a permanent injury is paid when the worker reaches a level of maximum medical recovery. In some situations, this level is below a full recovery. This worker is then offered a benefits package designed to compensate for their lack of future earning potential. In cases where the disability is partial, Colorado law has published a table prescribing payments for which part of the body has been injured.

When a worker is totally disabled, they are issued bi-weekly payments at 2/3 the weekly wage for the rest of their lives. Most disputes between workers and insurance companies arise from disagreements over the extent of the worker’s injuries.

The worker may believe that they can never work again, while the insurance company contends that they can work in a limited capacity. Workers always have the right to appeal these decisions, and an Aurora manufacturing injury attorney can help them do so.

How an Aurora Manufacturing Injury Attorney Can Help

Any person who feels they are being denied the benefits they deserve due to an on the job injury should contact an Aurora manufacturing injury lawyer. An attorney can help you appeal the insurance company’s decisions through a variety of methods provided under Colorado law. Remember, there is a time limit to file many of these appeals. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible to provide the best chance for success.

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