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Injuries that occur on an industrial site can be especially severe. It is not uncommon for these people to suffer permanent disability or even death as the result of an industrial accident.

Some of these injured people are employees who were hurt while performing their jobs. Others are visitors to the site that were injured due to accidents. Depending upon which situation applies, people have differing rights under the law.

An Aurora industrial injuries lawyer can work to analyze the facts that led to the injuries and apply the appropriate legal solution. By doing this, your compassionate workers’ compensation attorney can help you obtain proper compensation for your injuries. En Español.

How the Law Protects Injured Workers

Any injury that happens while an employee is at work is covered by workers’ compensation insurance. A worker does not need to buy into this program, nor do they need to state they wish to enroll.

These programs allow injured workers to collect a percentage of their average weekly wages while out of work due to an injury. As a trade-off, workers can never sue their employers for any injuries that result from a work accident.

Injuries on industrial sites are all too common. Despite modern workplace safety laws and protective equipment, heavy machinery and dangerous substances can create a hazardous work area. Common industrial injuries that can lead to a worker missing time on the job include:

  • Broken bones
  • Severe burns
  • Separated joints
  • Concussions
  • Brain damage from heavy impacts
  • Blindness

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Workers’ compensation benefits are paid in two ways. The first is for any temporary disability. Whenever an employee misses time at work due to an injury, the law states that they are to be paid at a rate of two-thirds their average weekly wage for any time missed. For these benefits to begin, the worker must miss at least three days.

The second category of benefits deals with any permanent injury that results from the accident. If a worker is totally disabled, they are issued bi-weekly benefits for the rest of their lives. If they are partially disabled, they are issued a lump sum payment that is issued according to the nature of their injury.

Disputes can often arise when insurance companies and injured workers differ on the correct nature of these benefits. In some cases, the insurance company does not believe that the injury is as severe as the worker says it is. In others, the claim is denied in its entirety. Aurora industrial injuries lawyers can aid people who have been injured on the job to pursue all the benefits to which they are entitled.

What Options Exist for Non-Workers?

Any person injured on an industrial site who is not an employee must pursue compensation using a standard negligence claim. This means they must prove the property owner had a duty to protect them and failed in this duty. Since most industrial sites are inherently dangerous, many defendants will argue that the injured person assumed the risk by entering the site.

However, many incidents that result from a catastrophic failure of safety systems are due to years of maintenance neglect or severe employee error.

An Aurora industrial injuries attorney can investigate all industrial site injuries to determine not just the facts of the day of the injury, but also the site’s past record of safety.

Contact an Aurora Industrial Injury Attorney Today

An Aurora industrial injuries lawyer can represent you if you were injured on the job, as well as helping injured visitors to industrial sites. An attorney can understand the unique pressures that concern employees and can work to satisfy all individual needs.

Whether a person is facing a difficult battle to obtain workers’ compensation benefits or is looking to file a negligence claim against a property owner, Aurora industrial injury attorneys are here to help. Contact a lawyer today.

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