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Front-End Car Accidents in Colorado Springs

Regardless of the circumstances involved, front-end accidents in Colorado Springs can cause life-altering physical injuries and significant emotional turmoil. That said, when pursuing a claim for a collision of this nature, taking the proper steps to protect your legal rights is crucial.

A dedicated motor vehicle lawyer could help you to pursue a civil claim following front-end car accidents in Colorado Springs. For example, a motor vehicle crash attorney could work to prove that someone else was to blame for the collision, measure how the accident changed your life, and protect you from aggressive insurance companies.

Who is Liable for a Front-End Car Crash?

All car accidents in Colorado Springs are someone’s fault. Proving this fact is necessary when pursuing a head-on vehicle collision. Therefore, a skilled attorney’s primary goal when bringing a claim against a negligent driver is to prove liability. The crash may also be the result of the defendant’s traffic violations, like traveling the wrong way on the street or texting while driving. Demonstrating that law enforcement cited the driver for a traffic violation at the collision scene could serve as powerful evidence of liability. A hardworking attorney could help to determine if this method of proving fault is available in a particular case.

An important concept to remember when bringing a legal claim is modified comparative negligence under Colorado Revised Statute § 13-21-111. This statute says that a court must examine the actions of all parties to a crash to assign fault. For example, the defendant may attempt to prove that the injured driver’s carelessness or inattentiveness to their surroundings led to the front-end car wreck, either by drifting over a double yellow line or suddenly stopping in the middle of the road. In these situations, a lawyer could fight to prove that the defendant was entirely to blame.

Recoverable Damages Following a Head-On Vehicle Accident

Anyone liable front-end car crash must provide full compensation to injured victims, including compensation for their medical care and any other losses suffered in the accident.

When the front of a vehicle is hit by another, the drivers and its passengers often sustain significant physical injuries like TBIs, whiplash, broken ribs, or neck injuries. The victims may also experience emotional traumas connected to the accident, including nightmares, flashbacks, and other forms of PTSD that lower their overall quality of life.

Moreover, the victims may suffer significant financial losses connected to the head-on collision. For example, they may be unable to return to work due to the seriousness of their injury, or they may sustain a permanent disability. In either case, the negligent party must also provide reimbursement for all lost wages. Speaking with a knowledgeable lawyer in Colorado Springs allows them to get to work placing an accurate value on a claim following a head-on car crash.

An Attorney in Colorado Springs Could Protect Your Legal Rights After a Front-End Car Accident

Front-end crashes in Colorado Springs can result in severe injuries that affect your physical health, emotional well-being, and financial stability. The simple fact is that a driver who causes these crashes must provide full compensation for the total sum of your losses. However, obtaining these payments can be complicated.

Allowing an attorney to take the lead following a front-end car accident in Colorado Springs could improve your chances of receiving fair compensation. At our firm, a legal team member could work to prove fault for a crash, determine how the accident changed your life, and demand appropriate compensation from negligent drivers. Contact us now to get started.

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