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Contributory Negligence in Denver Bicycle Accidents

Negligence can affect a plaintiff’s legal standing while pursuing compensation for injuries and damages. The defendant’s attorney may attempt to establish blame upon a plaintiff in order to discredit their injury claim and lessen the amount of compensation they could receive. To understand how contributory negligence in Denver bicycle accidents may affect your injury claim, you should consult a knowledgeable lawyer. A seasoned bike accident attorney could help you build your case and attain the compensation you need. Call today and set up a consultation with an accomplished personal injury lawyer.

Modified Comparative Fault in Denver

When discussing contributory negligence in Denver bicycle accidents, it is important to note that Colorado is a modified comparative fault state. This means that when determining who is liable for an accident, the injured person’s damages can be reduced by the amount of negligence that they contributed towards the incident. In this state, a plaintiff can recover damages as long as they are not determined to be 50 percent at fault or more. For example, if the plaintiff is deemed to be 30 percent at fault for causing the accident, then the amount of money that they are eligible to collect is going to be reduced by 30 percent. Therefore, if a jury awards the plaintiff $100,000 but they also find the injured party to be 30 percent liable, then their recovery would be $70,000. For more information about modified comparative fault, contact a dedicated attorney.

Bicyclist Safety Tips

Bicyclists could make themselves more aware of the increased risk of injury compared to other types of vehicles by protecting themselves while on the roadway. A few tips a person could follow in order to increase road safety may include:

  • Use lights at night
  • Wear bright-colored clothing
  • Keep a safe distance from other vehicles
  • Share the road with other motor vehicles
  • Use rearview mirrors to expand one’s field of vision
  • Use hand signals, which is a legal requirement
  • Follow traffic in the same direction and do not drive against it
  • Stay visible and constantly scan in front and to the sides while operating a bicycle
  • Wear a helmet regardless of age, despite helmets being a requirement only for people under the age of 18

Following these laws and cyclist tips could help an individual avoid being assigned fault follow an accident. More importantly, this can help the bicyclist avoid an accident and injuries altogether.

Consult With an Attorney About Contributory Negligence in Denver Bicycle Accidents

It is important for injured individuals to understand how contributory negligence in Denver bicycle accidents can impact a claim. If you have any questions about comparative fault law, reach out to a knowledgeable bike accident attorney. An attorney could advise you on the best practices that could help you avoid a bike accident and/or being assigned fault. If you have been in an accident, a lawyer could then investigate the facts of the case to help ensure that you are able to get the compensation that you deserve. Call today and set up an initial consultation with an experienced legal professional.

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