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Denver Bicycle Helmet Laws

Helmets laws can play a crucial role in recovery for damages and injury. If a person was not wearing a helmet and was injured in an accident, not only may their injuries be more serious, but they also may find the amount of compensation they could receive is affected. Therefore, a bicyclist may wish to familiarize themselves with Denver bicycle helmet laws before hitting the road. If you were injured in a bike accident, a seasoned bike accident attorney could further explain how local helmet laws may affect their case.

Helmets Requirements for Cyclists

If a person is over the age of 18, they do not have to wear a helmet in Denver and there are no legal ramifications under the law. Despite the lack of legal repercussions, it may be in the person’s best interest to wear a helmet when operating a bicycle. A helmet could reduce the damage a head injury might cause and may potentially save the rider’s life.

If the individual is under the age of 18, there may be some legal ramifications from a criminal perspective. From a civil perspective, the amount of damages one could recover from an injury could be reduced since they may have avoided or mitigated the damages of any potential injury by wearing a helmet.

How a Helmet Could Protect Riders

Wearing a helmet can help protect riders in a bicycle accident by protecting their head and their brain. It could reduce the chances of suffering a traumatic brain injury, by absorbing the majority of the blow as opposed to the hard part of the person’s head. These brain injuries can lead to death or life-long complications. Although riders above the age of 18 do not have to follow the Denver bicycle helmet laws, it is wise for bicyclists to wear a helmet.

Contributory Negligence

If a person gets into an accident while not wearing a helmet, even if it is not legally required, they may be determined to have some contributory negligence on their part. The bicycle helmet laws in Denver are set up to account for the responsibility of all parties after a bicycle accident.

Contributory negligence in Denver is the amount of negligence the injured party is. Contributory negligence asks what did the plaintiff do or not do that caused them to sustain the injury. In this context, if the person had worn a helmet, they may not have suffered as significant of an injury. This determination can reduce the amount of compensation that the injured victim could recover. A person should consult a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer if they are looking to understand how contributory negligence applies to their case.

Helmet’s Role in Injury Statistics

The survival statistics of bicycle accidents in Denver show that wearing a helmet could reduce a serious injury to a brain by almost one-third. Given these facts, it may not be a good idea to ride a bicycle and not wear a helmet, regardless of the laws saying whether it is mandatory or not. Wearing a helmet could be in a person’s best interest since it may protect their head and significantly reduce the amount of damage that one could sustain from an injury. It may even potentially save a person’s life. To learn more about Denver bicycle helmet laws and how to best pursue compensation for injuries and damages following a bike accident, contact a lawyer.

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