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What Makes Denver Bicycle Accidents Unique

While every accident is different, a bicycle accident is especially distinctive due to a variety of reasons. Understanding what makes Denver bicycle accidents unique could help a person pursue a successful claim for a bike accident injury. A seasoned bike accident lawyer could explain to you how bike accidents differ from other personal injuries. In addition, an attorney experienced in handling bicycle accident cases could help you pursue compensation for your injuries.

Bicycle Accidents vs Automobile Accidents

Bicycle accidents are different from automobile accidents in Denver for a few reasons. In an automobile accident, one is encompassed inside a vehicle and are protected from the outside by a shell. They may not sustain the same injuries a bicyclist would unless they get thrown out of a vehicle’s windshield. With the advent of seatbelts and airbags, automobiles have been designed to keep people protected and inside the vehicle. What makes Denver bicycle accidents unique is that a bike does not have those types of protection. Any injuries a person may sustain in a bike accident could have a higher likelihood of being serious. Some of the most common injuries one may suffer in a collision are breaks, fractures, and road rash, and traumatic brain injuries.

The Seriousness of Bike Injuries

There could be a number of injuries a person could suffer after an accident. These injuries and any injury case a person may pursue could be impacted differently by the unique nature of bike accidents. A bicycle accident can be more serious than an automobile accident because a simple collision with a bicycle may be magnified. This means that the injuries that someone may suffer in a bike accident could be more severe. The magnification of injuries a victim could suffer is what makes Denver bicycle accidents unique.

Bicycles tend to flow with traffic and are not always used on the sidewalks, which means they are on the streets with vehicles. This fact can lead to a high likelihood of a bicyclist suffering a severe injury in an accident. For example, a typical bike accident is a bicyclist getting hit a by car. When a vehicle hits a bicycle, the bike could be sent over the windshield or over the vehicle due to the impact. This can lead to the cyclist hitting a hard surface and suffering a significant injury. The individual could also get hit on the head or suffer a spinal cord injury due to the impact of the collision.

Call a Lawyer to Learn More About What Makes Denver Bicycle Accidents Unique

There are many different factors that surround bike accidents, which make them distinctive. This includes traffic laws, injuries, and comparative negligence. For more information about what makes Denver bicycle accidents unique, consult with a knowledgeable and well-established attorney. If you have been injured in a bike collision, a lawyer could investigate your case and determine how to build a claim that could maximize your compensation. Call today and schedule your initial consultation with an experienced legal professional.

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