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What to Do After an Out-of-State Car Accident

Getting into a car accident anywhere at any time can be very stressful. But when it happens far from home, it can quickly instill a feeling of panic and shock. This can lead drivers to make some costly mistakes in the moments immediately following the accident.

It is important to remain calm and remember that, for the most part, getting into an accident out of state is not really all that different from getting into an accident closer to home. Know that you are in still in good hands even while away from home, and contact a skilled Denver accident attorney for help pursuing damages.

Collecting Insurance Information

After any car accident, there are certain steps that should be taken, regardless of where the accident occurred. The police need to be notified if there was significant damage to any of the vehicle involved, or if someone sustained injury. Those who are injured should seek medical attention right away and make sure they retain documentation about the injury. This could be used as evidence if a personal injury claim is filed at a later date.

The drivers of all vehicles involved should exchange contact information as well as insurance information. Colorado insurance policies will typically provide coverage no matter where the policyholder is in the country; some even extend their coverage throughout Canada.

However, Colorado is also a tort state, meaning that the insurance company will need to find fault before offering a settlement. It is for this reason that taking pictures and gathering as much evidence as possible at the scene is important.

It is important that those who have been in an out-of-state accident speak to their insurance company as soon as possible following an accident. Some companies will want to send an adjuster to the scene, while others will hold off on this until the policyholder is back at home.

Obtaining Medical Care

If there is serious damage to either vehicle, or anyone involved has sustained injuries that may require a personal injury lawsuit, it is important that injured parties contact a lawyer right away. This should be done even before the insurance company is contacted. A lawyer may want to visit the scene as well, and they can speak to the insurance company to ensure a fair settlement is offered.

It is important to know that if a personal injury lawsuit is going to be filed, it needs to be filed in the state that the accident took place. Those who already have an attorney may speak to them first for advice, but eventually, they may have to get an attorney that is licensed to work in the state that the accident took place. Even if the injured party returns to their home state shortly afterward, the lawyer they are working with out of state can still work with them until the case is closed.

While getting into an out-of-state accident can add even more anxiety to an already stressful situation, knowing the steps to take and contacting an attorney can provide accident victims with the assurance they need. For the most part, unless a personal injury lawsuit is going to be filed, these accidents are not that different than those that happen closer to home.

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