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Tips for Driving Safely In the Sun in Denver

Colorado has been marketed as the state with 300 days of sunshine. Whether or not all Coloradans believe this to be true, the fact remains that most days see at least a little bit of sunshine. That sun can be great for those who want to spend time outdoors in the warmer months. But it is not so great for drivers who are headed straight into that bright sunshine. The sun can be difficult to drive into, blocking vision and hurting the eyes.

With these few tips though, all drivers will be better able to drive into the sun, no matter how many days they have to do so. Contact an experienced Denver accident attorney when an accident has occurred in order to have compassionate assistance when pursuing damages.

Polarized Sunglasses

Anyone who is driving into the Colorado sun should invest in a pair of polarized sunglasses. While these glasses will help in any condition, they can be especially useful when drivers are headed into the sun during the winter months. Polarized glasses have a special film on them that helps reduce the glare that reflects off water and surfaces, so they really are practical any time of the year.

Windshield Wipers

One has to think about more than just covering their eyes, though. The windshield drivers look out of can also be partially covered to help reduce light and glare. Using the car’s sun visor will provide a little relief, but there are adjustable visors that can be attached to the original to block out places where the sun still creeps in. These should be tested on short trips first, so drivers know that they will stay in place and not block the view of the windshield.

With the windshield being the portion of the car drivers look at (and out of) most, it makes sense that keeping it in its best shape possible will help when driving into the sun. Dirt, cracks and chips can distort light and scatter it, making the glare even worse than it would be if they were not there. Because of this, it is important to keep the windshield clean and in good repair so that the only sunlight getting into the eyes is coming directly from the sun.

Slow and Careful Driving

Lastly, it is important to remember to slow down when driving into the sun, just as it is important to slow down while driving in rain, snow, and sleet. Blinding light can intrude on any driver’s vision and so, it is best advised to drive at lower speeds and to leave plenty of room for other cars. Do not follow too closely, and make sure there is plenty of room when passing.

Driving into the bright sunlight can be just as debilitating for a driver as any other poor driving condition. It is important not to be fooled into thinking that just because it is warm outside or because the sun is shining there are no dangers on the road. The real danger in these conditions could be lurking just overhead.

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