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Measures Runners Should Take to Avoid Denver Pedestrian Accidents

Running is prevalent in Denver. Denver is an active city and there are a lot of great trails near and around Denver. Areas zoned for runners include trails by or around parks and different parkways. People also run in the super-urban, downtown areas, and residential neighborhoods.

Despite the popularity of running as a recreational activity, there are no specific measures that have been taken to protect runners. That is why it is important for runners to be vigilant when running. There are safety measures that runners should take to avoid Denver pedestrian accidents and protect themselves. However, sometimes runners are injured in pedestrian accidents despite being careful. In the event that an individual gets into a pedestrian accident while running, they should consult a skilled pedestrian accident lawyer that could advocate for them.

Crosswalks in Denver

If there is a roadway to be crossed, there are usually crosswalks. There are a lot of crosswalks by the different city parks. There are parkways and roadways for motor vehicles to drive around a park, and there are usually runners that are typically on the trail or sidewalk of the park. If they are crossing that road, there are a ton of crosswalks and there are some traffic lights as well. One of the measures that runners should take to avoid Denver pedestrian accidents is to make sure that they are always within the crosswalk or designated areas, and that they are watching the traffic lights carefully.

Safety Measures Drivers Can Take to Prevent Accidents

There are certain driver behaviors that put pedestrians at risk. These behaviors include not paying attention, being distracted by cellphones, and any type of impaired driving.

Drivers have a responsibility to drive cautiously. They should drive at a speed that is safe for the conditions. The driver should signal when making a turn or switching lanes so that people, whether it is a driver or a pedestrian, is put on notice that they are going to move.

They should avoid looking at their phone. Keeping their windshield clear of dirt and debris is helpful because pedestrians can be hard to see sometimes and blend in with the scenery. An individual should not drive while impaired and follow traffic laws.

Behaviors That Can Put Runners at Risk

While drivers are often culpable in pedestrian accidents, there are behaviors that could also put runners at risk. Running on the roadway versus a designated trail or sidewalk could endanger someone’s life.  Running at night especially without reflective gear, is also unsafe, as well as, coming up in blind spots of cars. Runners are going at quicker speeds than just a regular pedestrian so it makes it that much more difficult for a driver to see them, and some runners can run quickly and there are a lot of erratic or darting motions.

Safety Measures Runners Can Take to Prevent Accidents

As pedestrians, looking both ways when crossing the street is just one of the measures that runners should take to avoid Denver pedestrian accidents. Paying attention to stop lights and painted signs on the streets is also important, as is, being alert when crossing and looking for drivers.

Another one of the safety measures individuals should take when trying to avoid pedestrian accidents is walking with others, especially if someone is drinking or severely impaired. When walking at night, runners should also take care to wear reflective gear or carry a flashlight, in order to ensure their own visibility. By taking these measures, runners are avoiding endangering themselves and others.

Important Items Runners Should Carry

There are certain items that runners, and all pedestrians really, should carry on their person in case an accident should occur. these items include any form of ID, an emergency contact or list of contacts, a list of important health conditions the person may have (in case emergency medical services must be administered), and so on.  If a person has allergies or is on some type of medication that does not mix well with something else, it would be important for medical providers to know that information. By c

What to Do Following an Accident

Following a car accident, a runner should seek medical treatment. Even if they think they feel fine, they should get checked out by a medical professional and call the police. They should also get the insurance information of the at-fault driver and document the scene of the accident as much as they can. After seeking treatment and taking down the necessary information, individuals should consult a pedestrian accident lawyer. An experienced attorney could help them file their accident claim and also inform them of which measures that runners should take to avoid Denver pedestrian accidents in the future. A skilled lawyer could fight for a positive outcome for them.

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