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Pedestrian Accidents in Denver Parking Lots

If you or a loved one have been involved in pedestrian accidents in Denver parking lots and wish to pursue compensation for your injuries, you may want to consider reaching out to a professional injury attorney as soon as possible to start your case. Injuries incurred in a parking lot can be just as serious as those sustained in a moving car, and individuals with extensive medical bills should not have to face their expenses alone. Read on to learn more about how a lawyer experienced in pedestrian accidents in Denver parking lots could offer you their assistance today.

Statistics Concerning Pedestrian Accidents in Denver Parking Lots

Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents in Denver parking lots are pretty common in the context of these collisions as a whole. Statistically, studies have suggested that over 20% of vehicle/pedestrian collisions occur in parking lots. One reason they are so common is that there will be many more pedestrians in a parking lot versus the roadway, and drivers in parking lots can be more focused on finding parking spaces than watching for other drivers and pedestrians on the move. Another reason is that many drivers pull ahead into a parking spot and then they have to back out to realign their vehicle, and in doing so, there are blind zones created by other parked vehicles that can obstruct the driver’s vision.

In general, there tends to be a lot of blind zones in parking lots due to all the compacted vehicles, creating a heightened danger that makes pedestrians more vulnerable in those situations. In order to help prevent pedestrian accidents in Denver parking lots, drivers owe pedestrians a higher duty of care in these circumstances.

Parking Lots on Private Property

Liability in pedestrian accidents in Denver parking lots will depend on things such as who has the right-of-way at stop signs, and unfortunately, these types of rules might not be considered as important in a parking lot, especially if it is a private parking lot. However, when it comes to pedestrians getting hit in a parking lot by a driver who was negligent for some reason, they are often going to be found liable regardless as to what happened. It does not matter who owns the parking lot. Interestingly enough, traffic laws are not necessarily enforceable in private parking lots. The rules and regulations governing the operation of motor vehicles only apply to roadways and highways.

Police do not issue citations for traffic violations that occur in a parking lot. However, if a driver fails to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk coming out of a grocery store parking lot, they are most likely going to be found negligent, regardless of whether it is private or public property, but they might not necessarily receive a citation for running a stop sign or failure to stop. They would likely be cited for careless or reckless driving.

Working with a Reliable Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Pedestrian accidents in Denver parking lots can have serious consequences for all parties involved, even if the car is traveling at a much slower speed. This is due to the fact that a pedestrian will not have any type of protection around them to help absorb an impact in the same way that a vehicle passenger will, and could suffer immensely if they become trapped between two cars or by a tire. For this reason, it can be invaluable to have a lawyer on your side who is experienced in handling pedestrian accidents in Denver parking lots. If you wish to pursue compensation for your injuries, consider reaching out to a skilled injury attorney today for your initial consultation.

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