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Denver Pedestrian Accident Scenarios

To learn about Denver pedestrian accident scenarios, their nuances, and how they can impact an individual’s ability to receive injury compensation, it can be wise to reach out to a professional injury attorney for assistance. An experienced lawyer can use their knowledge gained through years of dedicated practice to determine how a case’s details could affect its outcome, and whether or not it would be considered legitimate in court proceedings. Read on to learn more about different types of Denver pedestrian accident scenarios, as well as the ways a determined injury attorney could offer you their assistance today.

Pedestrian Accidents Involving Crosswalks

Pedestrian accidents are much less likely to occur at a crosswalk than in areas without one because drivers tend to pay more attention in areas that are specifically designated for pedestrian use. If a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle while crossing at a crosswalk, they are upholding their duty of the roadway and following the law by crossing where they should and when they should. There should not be any comparative negligence placed on pedestrians in this situation. That means that the liability should be held on the driver solely, especially in a situation where a pedestrian is crossing in a crosswalk but they did not have the walk sign. It is still a designated area, so the law might say that a driver should be more vigilant when it comes to these specified areas.

Liability When Using a Sidewalk

Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents on streets with sidewalks account for a good number of these incidents. Studies have shown that 8% of pedestrian deaths involving motor vehicles happen on roads with sidewalks where the pedestrian is walking on the street. Roadways without sidewalks are more than twice as likely to have pedestrian crashes than sites with sidewalks on both sides of the street. This is often because drivers are not expecting to see or yield to pedestrians on a roadway.

While liability will always depend on the specific facts of a case, this is a potential situation where a pedestrian could be found to be comparatively negligent. A defendant’s attorney may question how reasonable it was for a pedestrian to be walking on the road considering how busy the roadway was and how accessible the sidewalk was on the other side of the street. Assistance from a weathered injury attorney with experience handling different Denver pedestrian accident scenarios can be very valuable during these situations.

Bus Driver Regulations

Bus drivers have to go through rigorous training through the Department of Transportation, so they exercise a great deal of caution and are used to pedestrians being around their vehicle. They pick up individuals and drop them off at bus stops while others are crossing the street. Not many bus drivers hit pedestrians, but it does happen. Buses are huge and have multiple blind spots that can be exacerbated when a driver’s mirrors are not functioning properly. If a bus driver hits a pedestrian, it may be when the bus is parked on the right side of the road and a pedestrian is jaywalking or crossing in between parked cars.

There are also a lot of pedestrians around public bus stops. One could assume that professional bus drivers are going to be extremely cautious in these areas, but accidents do happen. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a pedestrian to be hit by a vehicle while walking to or from a public bus stop.

If you wish to learn more about Denver pedestrian accident scenarios and how they may affect your ability to receive compensation for your injuries, do not hesitate to contact a qualified collision attorney today for your initial consultation.

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