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Denver Commercial Property Premises Liability Lawyer

As defined by Denver regulations, commercial property is property that is owned by a corporation or LLC. Commercial property liability would be the same thing as a private homeowner. This means that the owner of the property is seen differently in the eyes of the law.

Should you find yourself in a position where you feel a property owner’s duty of care has been breached, contact a Denver commercial property premises liability lawyer as soon as possible. A compassionate premises liability attorney can help you assess the damages you are entitled to.

Expectations of Property Owners

Denver premises liability lawyers know that any requirements met by the commercial property owner would depend on why the person was on the property. An owner cannot intentionally injure someone. The owner also cannot create dangerous conditions that are very likely to injure someone even if they are a trespasser.

If the visitor is considered a licensee, they must be warned about any potential danger. An owner must be willing to investigate under reasonable circumstances to find potential hazards.

Role of Assigning Liability

Injured persons in Denver have two years to file their commercial property premises liability claim with the help of a legal professional. Liability in these cases will depend on who has control of the property at the time. A department store could have control over the parking lot in remediating snow and ice conditions.

They can also have a snow-removal company that would qualify as a landowner as well since they are taking control over the dangerous condition that exists and attempting to do something to make it safe. It primarily depends on who is in control of the property at the time of the accident and specifically what caused them to be injured.

Impact of Litigation With a Large Corporation

When the defendant is a large corporation, they are going to have significantly more money to be able to defend the claim and may be willing to hire an expert that could charge $10,000 or $15,000. When a homeowner is dealing with just about any type of property, the insurance company is going to hire a lawyer to defend the individual on the claim. However, when the case involves the negligence or liability of a big corporation, they may be self-insured and be willing to put up a lot more money to defend a case.

Call a Denver Commercial Property Premises Liability Attorney

Hiring an attorney may be critical to preserving important evidence and their claim. They can help you assess the strength of each piece of evidence before securing it for use in the trial. They can help you comprehend the severity of your claim and how to recover the damages you deserve.

The injured party has about three months to appeal if their commercial property liability claim is rejected. Because evidence can disappear, get lost over time or even intentionally destroyed, someone should speak with a Denver commercial property premises liability lawyer as soon as possible.

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