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Public property is owned or controlled by the government. Typically, the duties are the same as private property. The biggest difference is filing a claim for public property negligence is a form of suing the government versus an individual or a business.

If you believe you may have a case due to injuries you have sustained on another’s property, contact a distinguished premises liability attorney immediately. A Denver public property premises liability lawyer can help you review the facts of your case before proceeding with your claim.

Defining Denver Premises Liability Statutes

The premises liability statute is a statute that outlines a property owner’s responsibility and duty of care. The Colorado Governmental Immunity Act, which is another state statute, determines under what situations a person is able to sue the government. As a lawyer could further explain, when a person is injured in a premises liability accident on public property, Denver may be responsible.

What Is Denver’s Duty of Care to Its Residents?

Duty of care for residents depends on where they are injured and if the City of Denver has control over the property at the time. For example, if someone on a motorcycle hits a series of potholes they were unable to avoid, they can sue the City of Denver so long as they show that the condition of the street itself was dangerous.

The same can apply if someone trips and falls on a sidewalk of government property. Most jurisdictions will quickly defend the situation and force a person to file a lawsuit every single time. It may be critical to speak with a premises liability lawyer about the government’s level of responsibility for any harm caused on public property in Denver.

Filing Claims Against the Government

An injured person first has to give the government notice within six months of the accident. Once they have done that, then they can try to file a claim and see if the government is willing to accept liability, but nearly 100 percent of the time, a person has to file a lawsuit.

What Impact Does the Negligence Standard Have on these Claims?

The standards are the same as if it is on a public or private property. Someone has to show the status of the person, trespasser, licensee or invitee, and then that will determine what duties the City of Denver has toward them.

Potential Recoverable Damages

Denver lawyers know that individuals may be able to recover payments for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and emotional distress in a public property premises liability claim. If someone missed work, they will be able to get monetary compensation for that as well. If they are seriously injured, they can get money for future medical care and future lost wages. In serious accidents that do not involve the government, someone be able to get additional punitive damages.

Call a Denver Public Property Premises Liability Attorney to Pursue Damages

If the injured person knowingly or at least knew about the dangerous condition such as ice and snow but they tried to cross a sidewalk or a street anyway, that would most likely prevent them from being able to get damages. If the City of Denver did not actually have control over that piece of property, the injured party may not be able to recover. Contact a Denver public property premises liability lawyer to plan the types of damages you should seek for your injuries.

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