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Types of Denver Premises Liability Cases

The most common types of Denver premises liability cases are slips and falls on ice and parking lots and sidewalks and entryways into stores, and slip and falls which occur indoors at stores usually a result of snow and ice with water getting tracked in and not being adequately cleaned up. Denver receives a lot of snow and ice, snow melts and refreezes.

Attorneys see a lot of premises liability cases involving slips and falls on ice in parking lots and sidewalks, and then they see quite a bit inside grocery stores if people are tracking in water and they do not have adequate floor mats up front to catch the water and people commonly slipping on water inside the grocery stores.

A qualified premises liability lawyer can handle slip and falls and pool accidents, as well as accidents at construction sites, a parking lot, or a department store as well as the accidents that happen at someone’s home. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, work with an attorney that can advocate for you.

Variety of Cases and Visitor Classifications

The ways that various types of Denver premises liability cases are handled depends on where the person was injured. If it involves slipping on water at a grocery store, they will get the video cam footage and talk to employees that may have witnessed the accident or should have been the ones that have cleaned up the water. If it is at someone’s home and the person was albeit a licensee at that time, they would have to show that the homeowner knew about the dangerous condition but did not warn about it or take any steps to get rid of that condition.

The main factors that can qualify the severity of a case will be how severely the person is injured. It could be a simple back injury that just needs chiropractic treatment but if they fell backward and hit their head and had a traumatic brain injury, they are going to require several months of treatment that can affect them for the rest of their life. So, those are the types of things that an attorney can look for.

Determining Liability in Denver

The first thing an attorney will look at when determining liability in different types of Denver premises liability cases is why the person was on the property. If they are in a grocery store, they were on the property for the benefit of themselves as well as the stores and so they will receive a financial benefit from them purchasing products. They will look at that and see if they were invitees, then they have a lower standard that we have to prove then if they are at someone’s home as a licensee; in that case, they have to prove actual knowledge of the dangerous condition.

The legal status of why they are on the property will determine the burden that they have to prove and that goes to show the standard of care that the property owner was under at the time of the accident. If they are a trespasser, they have to show that the landowner intentionally injured the person, if they are a licensee, they have to show that they had actual knowledge of the dangerous condition and if they are an invitee, they can show actual knowledge if it exists but they only have to show that they should have known about it through reasonable inspection.

Value of a Denver Premises Liability Attorney

The only way for someone to know whether they have a strong case or not is to speak with an attorney that is experienced in taking different types of Denver premises liability cases. Then the lawyer can go through the details of the accident, why you were on the property. If it there was snow and ice, they will look at the weather and see if a snow-removal company should have been out there to remediate the conditions and that sort of thing.

An attorney’s role in representing an injured person is to handle essentially everything on their behalf. They will do all of the investigation, talk to witnesses, hire experts if necessary and then if they have to file a lawsuit which is fairly common with these types of cases, then they are obviously experienced in doing the complaints and going through the discovery process and, if necessary, taking it all the way to trial. If you have been injured due to a negligent property owner, consult a skilled legal advocate today.

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