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Denver Premises Liability Requirements 

At first glance, premises liability cases seem pretty straightforward. An individual is injured on premises, they bring a claim against the premises owner, and they receive their compensation. However, it does not typically work that way. If you are injured on premises, there are certain Denver premises liability requirements you must meet to be able to establish liability and bring about a case. There are many nuances that come into play and a skilled premises liability lawyer can help you navigate them all. Consult a capable attorney and know that you are in good hands.

Examples of Standard Requirements

One of the Denver premises liability laws is that a person cannot bring about a premises case if they were injured on their own property. An individual has to be on someone else’s property, and then they will look at the specific type of activity or circumstance or dangerous condition that caused them to be injured, and the landowner has to have at least some kind of control over it for premises act to come into play.

For example, if they slipped and fell on water, an attorney will look at what kind of procedures were in place to look for those types of dangers. If there was someone who was stocking product on the shelves and they had a responsibility to keep a lookout for things, they will look at that for those types of situations, but mainly it will come down to foreseeing that that type of accident can happen and then taking steps that are going to reduce the chances of it happening and injuring someone.

Information an Attorney Needs to Know

The first thing a lawyer will need to know is what type of property they were on. If it was a government property, there are certain steps they have to take to put the local government on notice of what happened. If the property is owned by a governmental entity, one of the Denver premises liability requirements is that a notice of claim must be submitted within 182 days of the date of the incident or the claim is barred forever. If they were on private property, an attorney will look at why they were on the property and then go from there.

Recoverable Damages in Premises Liability Cases

A person can recover the same type of damages as if they were in a car accident or a products liability accident. The main thing is that they can get their medical bills paid for and get money for pain and suffering and emotional distress for having to go through everything. In very serious accidents, the injured individual can also look at getting punitive damages as well as lost wages and future lost wages if the injury is going to affect them months and years into the future.

The more severe the injuries are, certainly if the person is bringing the claim on behalf of someone close to them that passed away because of the accident, the role of the attorney becomes magnified They will take a lot more care in investigating and spending more money if necessary and hiring experts on the standard of care or to kind of recreate how the accident happened and why it should not have.

Consulting a Premises Liability Lawyer

If you have been injured on someone’s property due to a premises owner’s negligence, consult a skilled attorney that can explain the Denver premises liability requirements to you, and can evaluate whether your case meets those requirements. One reason why you may need an attorney to bring a premises liability lawsuit is how difficult it is to establish and prove liability, especially on your own. Often in these cases, there are no witnesses and if there are, they forget things, and there is a lot of hearsay. By hiring an attorney right away, you and your lawyer can start the investigation immediately before evidence is lost or intentionally destroyed. An attorney can help you move forward.

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