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Denver Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If you have questions regarding the different types of workers’ compensation benefits that you may be eligible for, reach out to a weathered workers’ compensation attorney today who can help to give you an estimate based on your individual situation. Read on to learn more about what goes into the types of Denver workers’ compensation benefits, as well as the ways a seasoned lawyer could make a difference for your case. En Español. 

Examples of What Workers’ Comp Benefits Can Cover

While the workers’ compensation benefits an individual in Denver may receive are dependent on their unique situation regarding their injury’s circumstances, most injured employees can expect to receive reasonable, necessary, and related medical benefits for their injuries. Maintenance care can also be covered if that is recommended by their medical professional, as well as wage loss benefits, permanent impairment benefits, vocational rehabilitation, and mileage reimbursement. The family of the injured employee may also receive benefits if those injuries ultimately result in that individual’s death.

Unemployment Benefits

While it is unusual for an individual to receive both unemployment and workers’ comp benefits, a situation could exist where an individual currently receiving unemployment benefits hires an attorney who will help them attain wage loss benefits. If those additional benefits are obtained for the same period of time that the individual was receiving unemployment benefits, the court will subtract what was already received in unemployment benefits from their wage loss compensation. This offset exists in an attempt to keep employees from gaining more compensation than they are entitled to receive.

Calculating Wage Loss & Permanent Disability Benefits

An individual’s wage loss benefits are dependent on the average weekly wage that they earn with their employer. With respect to permanent disability benefits, depending on the body part and type of injury, the value of the impairment may be determined by that average weekly wage as well because it is one of the values plugged into the equation used for their calculation. Both temporary and permanent benefits are affected by the amount of money that someone makes.

Ineligibility for Denver Workers’ Compensation Benefits

In order for an individual’s claim to be compensable, they must have received an actual injury that was work-related in nature. One’s claim could be rendered not compensable if an employer-employee relationship did not exist, there was an imported danger present such as intoxication while working, or the injured worker engaged in horseplay. Comparative fault could also be brought into play if there was a failure to use safety equipment or follow safety guidelines as part of the individual’s job duties. These situations would ultimately make an employee ineligible for Denver workers’ compensation benefits.

What To Expect When Calling Our Law Offices

A person should expect to either discuss the details of their situation regarding a work-related injury over the phone or go in for a free consultation to discuss the details. If it is something that the office can help the injured worker with, they may sign them up and pursue whatever issues or whatever benefits might be available to them. A person can also expect a review of the claim and an explanation as to why they may or may not be entitled to certain benefits.

Discuss Workers’ Compensation Benefits With a Denver Attorney

From filing the necessary documents to arguing legal issues or pursuing denied benefits at a hearing, the role of a dedicated lawyer is significant in ensuring one’s compensation in a case. A skilled attorney will fight to make sure the injured employee is receiving proper medical care that does not contain bias towards insurance companies. They can handle all correspondence with the workers’ compensation carrier and the Division of Workers’ Compensation, while advising the employee on the benefits that they are owed.

There are many types of risks and strategies associated with pursuing these benefits that only an experienced lawyer will be able to predict. If you require legal assistance regarding your Denver workers’ compensation benefits, reach out to a determined attorney today to schedule your initial consultation.

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