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Meeting with Insurance Companies During a Denver Workers’ Compensation Claim

Filing a workers’ compensation claim can be intimidating for many employees who suffer injuries on the job. And when someone finds out they will have to meet with insurance companies and their company’s lawyers, it can become even more intimidating.

To make the process more approachable and set some minds at ease, below are some tips for anyone meeting with insurance companies during a Denver workers’ compensation claim. Ask a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer any other questions about meeting with insurance companies.

What to Bring When Meeting with Workers’ Compensation Insurers

When meeting with workers’ compensation insurance companies and their lawyers, there will be a lot they need to look at. Most of this will be to verify that the individual has a valid workers’ compensation claim. To expedite the process, having this information at the meeting can help injured workers get their benefits faster.

The items an injured worker should bring with them are the official accident report if there was one, medical records related to the diagnosis of the injury that happened at work, medical bills, copy of the written notice given to the employer, pay stubs or a recent bank account statement, and an employee handbook if there is one.

What Information to Know When Meeting With Denver Insurance Companies

When meeting with the insurance company, there will always be a lot of questions surrounding the incident that resulted in the injury. While most employees think they remember how the injury happened and what occurred leading up to it, it is important to think about it and try to remember any other details that may have been forgotten since the incident happened.

When meeting with insurance companies during a workers’ compensation claim in Denver, it is also important to have all the details regarding any doctor’s appointments in addition to medical records and documentation. Employees should be ready to confirm which doctor their employer recommended they visit, whether they visited that doctor, and what the overall experience was like if they did visit that doctor.

In addition to this, there are other things that the insurance company will question the employee about. These might pertain to details surrounding the employment such as when the employee was hired, whether they worked full or part-time, and whether the employment status has changed.

These are all important issues and when meeting with insurance companies after filing a workers’ compensation claim in Denver, are all issues that will be raised.

Let a Denver Workers’ Compensation Attorney Help

Being prepared can help with the intimidation factor that often comes when meeting with insurance companies during a Denver workers’ compensation claim. But in addition to being prepared, it is also essential that anyone meeting with an insurance company after a workers’ compensation claim retains their own legal representation before doing so.

An experienced Denver workers’ compensation attorney can help guide injured employees through the meeting and can help them prepare for it beforehand. An attorney will also know whether certain questions are relevant or applicable and can advise employees whether or not to answer them.

Workers’ compensation claims can involve a lengthy and complicated process even before a meeting with the insurance company. An attorney can expedite the process, ensure all procedures are followed properly and help injured employees get the benefits they may deserve.

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