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Common Workplace Injuries in Denver

While construction workers and employees in manufacturing plants might realize that they have a particularly dangerous job, not everyone realizes the risk of getting hurt when they go into work. Workplace injuries happen more often than people would like to think. It is important to know about common workplace injuries in Denver in order to prevent them from happening.

Overexertion is a workplace injury that can happen in just about any type of employment. Overexertion occurs when a person injures themselves after lifting, pulling, carrying, or otherwise straining. It is important that employees never carry more than they can comfortably handle, and that the legs, not the back, are always used to lift heavy loads. If you have been affected by any of these accidents, you should reach out to a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer about your case. En Español.

Risk of Falling

Falling from a height is a workplace injury that mostly affects construction workers, laborers, and anyone that works in high places such as window cleaners. Denver attorneys know all too well that these common workplace injuries often result in serious injury or death. Workers that have to work at a height should always wear harnesses and other safety gear to ensure they are secure when high off the ground.

Workers do not have to be working at a height in order to fall. Slip and falls are another very common workplace injury that can occur anywhere. Most often these are due to wet floor surfaces, either because it was just cleaned or because a spill had not yet been cleaned up. Signs should always be posted when floors are unfit to be walked on, and spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible.

In addition to getting hurt from a fall, employees can sometimes be injured when something falls on them. This is particularly common on construction sites and wherever there are people working above employees on the ground. To avoid these accidents, it is important that employees working above are properly trained and that all employees are aware of all areas where work is being done.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

In Denver, carpal tunnel and other workplace injuries stemming from repetitive motion are also very common. Many jobs require employees to repeat the same motion over and over again, whether they are scanning items through a cash register or working on an assembly line. These are some of the hardest injuries to prevent but switching between tasks and taking breaks often can help reduce the impact.

Call a Denver Attorney After Experiencing a Common Workplace Injury

After suffering a common workplace injury in Denver, there are specific steps someone must take to receive workers’ comp benefits. In the state, it is illegal for employees to sue their employer for an injury that occurs at work, even when the employer has been blatantly negligent. Instead, all workers must go through worker’s compensation insurance. Navigating worker’s compensation can be confusing, so it is advised that injured workers contact an attorney that can help them get full compensation.

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