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Denver Workers’ Compensation Settlements 

Denver workers’ compensation settlements are discussed when individuals agree to fully and finally close the workers’ compensation claim in exchange for a sum of money, depending on the specific agreement and that claim.

A claim is not settled fully until an administrative law judge approves the workers’ compensation settlement agreement but it is basically an agreement to close the claim in exchange for something of value. A qualified workers’ compensation attorney could help you determine whether a settlement is right for you. En Español.

Parties Involved in a Settlement

The parties involved in a settlement negotiation and consideration include the injured worker and if they have an attorney, then the attorney, who is often more involved. The workers’ compensation carrier is also the main party though the employer can sometimes be involved in negotiations depending on the situation. The Division of Workers’ Compensation and the administrative law judge are also involved because they have to approve the settlement.

Injured workers should consider entering into Denver workers’ compensation settlements if they are willing to close their claim forever and if the specific terms of the settlement agreement are agreeable or worth it to them.

How Settlements Can Impact Employee’s Benefits

Employers will often require the injured worker to voluntarily resign as a condition of settlement. In a lot of cases, an employee will not have a job after they enter into their settlement. Otherwise, it should not really affect any employee benefits going forward and if they remain an employee, it should not affect anything.

Elements to Include in a Settlement

What people in Denver wish to include in their workers’ compensation settlements depends on the specifics of the case and what needs to be involved. That being said, the Division of Workers’ Compensation does require certain language to be included in settlement agreements otherwise they will not approve them. It is also important to ensure that the language accurately depicts the agreement that has been set forth and agreed to.

The value of the settlement is based on any subrogation interests, maintenance issues, the actual or anticipated impairment rating of any body parts involved, date of injury, all of those specifics of the case. If someone has a subsequent workers’ compensation case, these settlement agreement documents and documents from the prior injury will come in to either offset or apportion injuries and so it is important that they are accurate. The payment of the permanent impairment rating is via PPD benefits, the Permanent Partial Disability Benefits. This one type of benefit under the workers’ compensation system and basically boils down to the value of the injury.

Importance of Working With a Denver Workers’ Compensation Attorney

In general, it is important that an injured worker has a workers’ compensation attorney because there are so many ways in which a workers’ compensation carrier, employer or defense attorney can and will take advantage of the injured worker during settlement negotiations.

Local attorneys may also have a relationship with adjusters and defense attorneys and the Denver workers’ compensation community, which often leads to a quicker resolution of issues, instead of hiring someone who has no communication with any of the regular people involved in these situations.

An injured worker would need a local attorney familiar with the local workers’ comp system and Denver workers’ compensation settlements because they differ from state to state and aside from knowledge of the law and the system. That is why if you are considering a settlement, you should consult a capable workers’ compensation lawyer today.

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