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Common Causes of Car Accidents in Evans

Most auto accidents could be avoided if drivers made sure to operate their vehicles in a safe and responsible manner. However, not all drivers exhibit such care for other drivers, and as a result, innocent victims may be at risk for suffering severe injury.

Driving under the influence, distracted driving, and inclement weather, are all examples of common causes of car accidents in Evans. If you suffered injury, reach out to an attorney today.

Drinking and Driving

Another very common cause of auto accidents is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs which causes the driver to have slowed reactions. Traffic changes quickly and if their reactions are slowed, it is more likely that the driver will get into an accident because of that slowed reaction time. If they combine that with not following proper traffic etiquette, like following a driver too closely, they will have an accident caused by multiple factors coming together. Driving too closely behind another driver combined with distraction or alcohol or drug impairment can cause an accident.

Then there is the two drivers trying to get through the light at the same time. The traffic light is going from yellow to red and two drivers are approaching an intersection at the same time, hurrying to get through that intersection. One driver taking a left turn and the other driver going straight. Because of them both being in a hurry, they end up in an accident.

Distracted Driving

Inattentiveness on the part of a driver causes most accidents. A distracted driver (texting, talking on their cell phone while driving) takes their eyes away from the road; things happen very quickly. Other common distractions while driving may be a child or a passenger; a billboard that catches the driver’s attention; something happening on the side of the road.

Inclement Weather

Then there is always inclement weather. People will drive at excessive speeds in unfavorable weather conditions. Especially those drivers who are not used to Colorado road conditions. They may think that a light snow will not interfere with their driving and drive at normal speed. A light snow is more dangerous because it makes the roadways slippery. Rain or snow or other weather conditions can certainly add to other factors to cause an accident.

Determining Fault in Evans Auto Accident Cases

In the ideal circumstance, a police officer will be called to the scene and will make an assessment as to what factors caused the accident to happen. Sometimes they will get a confession from the at-fault driver who states that their child was making a lot of noise or that they spilled some water in their lap or something and that caused them to be distracted. That may be the case, but if that distraction results in a rear-end accident, then the distracted driver who rear-ends the other driver will be considered to be at-fault.

Importance of Physical Evidence

Physical information and statements by the drivers will indicate to the police officer who is at fault in the accident. Another example of that would be if the light was admittedly green and one driver turned left in front of another driver. The driver who turned left will be presumed to be at fault unless substantial proof that the driver who was turning left had a green arrow or something that gave them the right-of-way. A lot of times the physical evidence of the accident will tell the police officer who is at fault in the accident, in addition to statements made by the respective drivers.

Obtain Legal Assistance Today

Getting in touch with an auto accident attorney today could prove to be vital in your efforts towards obtaining compensation. With the help of a lawyer, you could more accurately assess the extent of your injuries, form a demand package, and effectively negotiate with other parties on your behalf.

To learn more about how a lawyer could help, or for more information regarding the common causes of car accidents in Evans, be sure to schedule a consultation today.

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